• Asics is using microwave technology to create custom midsoles in as little as 15 seconds

    Asics is using microwave technology to create custom midsoles in as little as 15 seconds

    It’s been a fascinating couple of years for high tech sneaker heads, between self-lacing Nikes and Adidas’ experiments with 3D printed midsoles and biodegradable yarn. Asics isn’t generally uttered in the same breath as those sorts of bleeding edge offerings, but the running shoe company has just debuted a pretty compelling new take on the manufacturing process. The new… Read More

  • CastOven: TV on a microwave? Why not!

    Say you’re making popcorn but you hate watching the bag expand in the oven as it cooks and you hate it when you have to think you have to touch the bag before it’s done. You know what I’m talking about, right? Well now researchers in Japan have added a 10.4-inch LCD to a microwave, creating the CastOven. It plays Internet streams. Why did they really make this thing? Heck if… Read More

  • Castoven: Microwave with built-in YouTube player (video)

    Two researchers from Japan’s Keio University (which yours truly attended just until recently by the way) have developed a kitchen appliance aimed at the total web geek in you, a YouTube-powered microwave. The so-called Castoven [JP] is based on a conventional, unbranded model of “good quality” but sports a 10.4-inch LCD screen in the door panel. Read More

  • Video: Heinz Beanzawave in action

    Introduced last month in the UK, the Beanzawave is inching closer to a retail launch or is it? It appears that consumer demand isn’t quite high enough for Heinz to roll out the microwave just yet. I, for one, wouldn’t buy one because it’s too small. What about you? Read More

  • Now we’re cookin’ with…ceramic

    Microwave cookology keeps getting better and better. Back in the day, one would just throw whatever in the box and nuke it ‘till done. Problem with that was that many meals turned out soggy and unevenly cooked. Some meals turned out better than others, but ultimately nothing ever browned, which gives food good ol’ deliciousness. Eventually microwaveable pizzas showed up on the… Read More

  • iWave Cube: the littlest microwave that could

    A microwave is a bachelor or college student’s best friend. Let’s be honest here. Does anyone really like to cook? Yeah, I didn’t think so. Living in tight quarters like most apartments in NYC, for example, that don’t have stoves really sucks because you either have to eat out all the time or acquire a little gas grill. The latter isn’t always safe, either. Having… Read More

  • Good Idea, Bad Idea: iPod in a Microwave Edition

    It’s approximately 134 degrees outside and that got me thinking: what if you put an iPod nano in the microwave? Work with me here, people. Well if you did, it’d look something like this, not all that dissimilar from a Fourth of July celebration held inside Bio Dome. We’re like The N: we go there. As a matter of fact, a friend of mine actually put his iPod into a microwave… Read More

  • WaveBox: Portable Microwave Kicks Ass

    In early July, as you’re camped out for Transformers (you know who you are), you’ll want to take this WaveBox with you. It’s a microwave oven that draws its power from your mom’s car’s cigarette lighter, meaning that when your buddy in the Galvatron suit (n00b) saves your place in line, you can zap yourself a burrito. Bonus nerd points if you refer to this device… Read More

  • We Now Bow to Our Microwave Emitting Overlords

    Holy cow, we’re now just one flying car away from being Jetsons! Lookee here, a microwave oven you can talk to! Not just for shut-ins or Blake Robinsons, the new Daewoo TV-dinner cooker is voice-activated, radiation-emitting, time-saving food machine, meaning you put your Spaghetti with Swedish Meatballs from Stouffer’s in it’s front, say “It’s Tuesday… Read More