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  • Zune Firmware 4.5 hits the streets

    Microsoft just dropped the Zune 4.5 firmware update, and it looks promising. I mean, who doesn’t want more video codecs and a smart DJ? Read More

  • Coming In June: ZuneHD … Or A Zune-Specific Phone?

    So now Microsoft is happily seeding buzz through Twitter account @officethemovie, which is tied to the marketing website for ‘Office 2010: The Movie’. The account was created recently and starting sending out tweets about 14 hours ago at the time of this writing. One of the first messages revealed a bit about the type of social networking integration the next version of Office is… Read More

  • Zune tattoo dude changing his name to Microsoft Zune. No, really!

    Remember that guy who gets tattoos of the Microsoft Zune because he really likes the Microsoft Zune? A lot? Like, a whole hell of a lot? He’s changing his name to Microsoft Zune. No, really, legally his name will be Microsoft Zune. We’ll call him Mike for short. Mike, if you’re reading this, we love you. You’re a wacky character, and every time you do something goofy we… Read More

  • PatentMonkey: Microsoft's Cell Phone with Touch Screen

    What if the Zune was a cell phone? What if it had a touch screen on the back of it? What could you do with it? Microsoft slipped in a patent application covering a cell phone that can be used as a touch screen computer mouse for your PC. After searching on the topic, we’ve uncovered Microsoft-two-sided-cell-phone-touch-screen-control-your-PC-by-WiFi patent application goodness. Whew… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Accost Edition

    Lacoste Gets Jiggy With The Second Life Crowd
    $600 Swarovski-encrusted Nintendo DS Lites
    Rumor: Red Zune to Include Exclusive Sports Content
    Real Life Link Shield Deflects Nerf Weapons, Girls
    The Great Skype Contest of 2007 Read More

  • Patent Monkey: Microsoft Stakes DRM Patent Claims

    across devices and were curious about how much effort they have put into DRM. In early 2001, Apple made a dynamic move signing major labels to deliver legitimate music downloads, albeit with a good amount of restrictions FairPlay. Fair enough, a number of folks at the time thought that DRM was a good way to get the digital party legally started. While iPods sold and Microsoft worked on… Read More

  • Microsoft Zune Zips Along

    If you’ve got a Microsoft Zune and have a few minutes, get over to your PC, plug in your Zune, log onto to Zune marketplace and grab the new 1.2 firmware update. Microsoft hasn’t let out any details of what the update does, but it did give the following statement: This required update will help enhance stability and performance. For devices being upgraded from Zune firmware… Read More

  • Microsoft's Zune Still Firing in the Dark

    It’s no secret that I’m a fan of the Zune. Nevertheless, I have always questioned its WiFi connectivity. Early in its press campaign, I began to wonder whether Microsoft was putting too many eggs in the WiFi basket. The player itself is pretty solid, but for people to be able to share tracks on a scale that Microsoft publicizes implies that a lot of Zunes would be available… Read More

  • Zune May Stand A Chance

    Microsoft received a lot of bad press when it first launched the Zune a couple of weeks ago, making the Zune seem like it wasn’t going to be the big iPod-slaying product that we were waiting for. It turns out that the Zune was actually the second highest selling portable digital player in the first four days of its release. The numbers were generated by market research firm NPD Group… Read More

  • Microsoft Zune Faces Another Problem

    You know that out-of-place feeling you get when you walk into a party with a Hawaiian shirt and jeans on and everyone else is wearing a suit? Well, the Microsoft Zune feels your pain. One of the unique features of the Zune is its ability to send music to another Zune via WiFi. The feature plays a big role in Microsoft’s “Welcome to the Social” marketing plan, which… Read More