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What Games Are: Cometh The Hour, Cometh The Xbox?

With Xbox 360 having started well but ended in a very confused state, I worry that Microsoft is about to carry over much of its baggage to the new console. Will the company make the same mistake of no

Halo 3 Previewed, Opinions Mixed

This past Friday Microsoft and Bungie offered a press preview for the upcoming Halo 3, which will arrive later this year. The upcoming first-person shooter is the latest title in the popular Halo seri

Burger King Games Match Gears Of War Sales

Remember when I said it wouldn’t be a big surprise if those Burger King games for the Xbox 360 sold like crazy? Well, it happened. The games have been out for a little less than a month, but the

Sony Only Gets Out 197,000 PS3s

There’s no way that Sony will make its forecast for 1 million units in the U.S. this calendar year – NDP Group Before the PlayStation 3 was released on Nov. 17, Sony had promised the publi

Xbox 360 Controller Mod

The Xbox 360 wireless controller may very well be the best gaming controller I’ve ever used. The analog sticks fall right under your thumbs, the right and left triggers feel like actual triggers

Holiday Buyers Guide 2006: Console Gaming

Don’t you miss the old days when all you had to do was walk into an electronics store, find that one good game and go home happy? With so many consoles on the market, and even more games to choose f

Microsoft Focuses On Reducing Production Cost Of Xbox 360

You have to look at the economics. You have to ask the question, over the life cycle, who has the cost advantage? Who can price most effectively? Who can reach the price points quicker? That has a hug