Microsoft Tag

  • As technology lends you its ear, these technologies will determine what it hears Crunch Network

    As technology lends you its ear, these technologies will determine what it hears

    In 1999, while traveling through Eastern Europe, I was robbed in a relatively remote area of the Czech Republic. Someone called the police, but we quickly realized we couldn’t communicate: They didn’t speak English and I could offer no Czech. Even the local high school English teacher, who offered her assistance, didn’t speak English well enough for me to effectively… Read More

  • Microsoft Tag fills your world with tags that you scan for information

    Say hello to Microsoft Tag. It’s a brand new service (I guess you can call it a service) that envisions a world filled with tags. The tags, almost like barcodes or QR codes, are placed all over the place. On merchandise at the mall, on statues at the parks, and so on. You scan the tag with your phone, then all sorts of info pops up. Read More

  • Microsoft Launches Its First Android App. Yes, Google's Platform.

    In December 2008, Microsoft surprised a lot of people by releasing an iPhone app — Seadragon Mobile. A month later, they ensured the move wasn’t taken as a joke or gimmick by launching another app, Tag, into Apple’s App Store. Now, they have a few, including an app for Bing. And starting today, they’re doing the same for Android. Tag for Android is the first… Read More

  • Microsoft Releases Tag, Its Second iPhone Application

    At CES, Microsoft has introduced its second iPhone app after dipping its toe with the release of Seadragon Mobile last month. The name of the application is Microsoft Tag, and it enables users to instantly access mobile content, videos, music, contact information, maps, social networks, promotions, etc. simply by pointing the device’s camera to a custom tag. If this makes you think about… Read More