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Microsoft’s Path Guide is an unconventional approach to indoor navigation

Indoor mapping is one of those problems that seems to only have solutions that involve a great deal of money and infrastructure: beacons, lasers, emitters, scanners... who wants to install those in ma

A discussion about AI’s conflicts and challenges

"The competition for talent at the moment is absolutely ferocious," agrees Professor Andrew Blake, whose computer vision PhD was obtained in 1983, but who is now, among other things, a scientific advi

Microsoft is closing the social network you forgot it ever launched, the little-known and probably much-forgotten social network project from Microsoft Research’s FUSE Labs division, is closing down. The service was launched in late 2011 as a social community

Microsoft researchers sound off on the next decade in tech

It's Computer Science Education Week, in case you didn't know, and in honor of this hallowed period Microsoft is publishing the thoughts of a few of its scientists and engineers on what will change in

Microsoft hits a speech recognition milestone with a system just as good as human ears

It's a red-letter day at Microsoft Research: a team working on speech recognition has hit a serious symbolic goal with a system that's as good as you at hearing what people are saying. Specifically, t

MIT’s DuoSkin turns temporary tattoos into on-skin interfaces

Your next tattoo could be functional as well as aesthetic. A new MIT Media Lab product called DuoSkin created in partnership with Microsoft Research turns temporary tattoos into connected interfaces,

Deep learning software knows that a rose is a rose is a rosa rubiginosa

We can't all be botanists, unfortunately, but most of us do have smartphones, and that may be a start. A computer vision system built by Microsoft Research Asia can identify thousands of species of fl

Microsoft Research Shows Off “DeLorean,” Its Tech For Building A Lag-Free Cloud Gaming Service

When looking to the future of gaming, few concepts get people as excited as the mythical "Netflix for gaming." It's a concept that we've seen in multiple forms, from OnLive's early efforts to Sony's

New Microsoft Project Turns Boring First-Person Videos Into Awesome Hyperlapses

There's barely a mountain biker, climber, skydiver or skier left who doesn't have a GoPro camera attached to his helmet. Nobody really wants to sit through an hour of video of you heading up and down

As Google Shoots For The Moon, Microsoft Praises The Virtues Of Open Research

A few days ago, Google unveiled its latest moon shot: a contact lens with a built-in glucose sensor. As far as Google[x] projects go, the lens is right up there with flying wind turbines and balloon-p

Inside Microsoft’s Cauldron Of Ideas: From Kinect, Bing And Killing The Blue Screen Of Death, To Code That Can Learn, Pixels You Can Hold And Drugs Compiled From DNA

Far from being chained to the product pipeline, Microsoft's research labs operate more like university research departments -- with a remit to be the "farseeing eyes" of the company, says Andrew Blake

Explore 13.7 Billion Years Of Cosmic History In Your Browser With ChronoZoom

Sometimes I feel like we of the tech community tend to get bogged down in the little stuff. Hardware specs, <a href="

More Mind-Blowing Real-World Kinect Interaction From Microsoft Research

Have you had your share of augmented reality this month? Between CMU's <a href="">OmniTouch</a>, Microsoft's

20 Years Of Microsoft Research

This month marks the 20th anniversary of Microsoft Research, perhaps the most consistently interesting division of the hulking software company. <a href="

Video: Free-Moving Kinect Used To Map Room And Objects In Detailed 3D

We've seen hacks for the <a href="">Kinect</a> from the very start, and even some that suggested one like this might be possible: a Kinect being moved around lik

“Data Furnace” Would Heat Homes While Flipping Bits

One byproduct of computing almost everybody has had to deal with at some time or another is the heat. Whether it's your Xbox overheating due to poor ventilation, your MacBook's fan roaring like a jet

Microsoft Research Looking Into Better, Whole-Hand Touchscreen Gestures

<img src="" />One of the main limitations on touchscreen interfaces these days is that all you can do is poke at them. We do all kinds o

Microsoft researching "4-D light fields" for better 3D displays

<img src="" />One of the issues people have with 3D displays, or more precisely, rather one of the issues people's <em>brains </em>have w

Microsoft Research: A Look At The Intriguing Social Desktop Prototype

<img src="" alt="" /> Late last week, <a href="">Microsoft Research</a> shared a couple of things ab

Microsoft's UnMouse pad: an enormous pressure-sensing trackpad

This UnMouse pad being shown at the Microsoft Research Summit looks pretty freaking awesome. It’s a super-thin, pressure-sensitive little pad that can take just about as many inputs as you care