Microsoft Research

  • Microsoft Research Looking Into Better, Whole-Hand Touchscreen Gestures

    One of the main limitations on touchscreen interfaces these days is that all you can do is poke at them. We do all kinds of things with our hands, but when it comes to screens, we just poke at them all day. UIs are doing all right, since our phone OSes still mimic mouse-based desktop OSes to some extent, but Microsoft is looking to ways to integrate more natural hand gestures incorporating… Read More

  • Microsoft researching "4-D light fields" for better 3D displays

    One of the issues people have with 3D displays, or more precisely, rather one of the issues people’s brains have with 3D displays, is that your eyes remain focused on the same plane (the screen) while the actual visual cues change and make you think you should be refocusing. It’s such a fundamental response that it can’t really be avoided, only accommodated. One project… Read More

  • Microsoft Research: A Look At The Intriguing Social Desktop Prototype

    Late last week, Microsoft Research shared a couple of things about Social Desktop, a prototype of which they are debuting at TechFest 2009 in a couple of days (along with dozens of other things). From the looks of it, this will be a much talked about product even if it stays in proof-of-concept phase for now. And if they decide to open it up even just a little, this could be a major… Read More

  • Microsoft's UnMouse pad: an enormous pressure-sensing trackpad

    This UnMouse pad being shown at the Microsoft Research Summit looks pretty freaking awesome. It’s a super-thin, pressure-sensitive little pad that can take just about as many inputs as you care to give it — and each input contains analog pressure info. Microsoft is working with NYU to put it out there; it’s apparently cheap to make and is almost certainly able to be made in… Read More