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Microsoft launches Outlook Lite for low-powered Android phones

Microsoft has launched its lightweight Outlook Lite Android app, which is suitable for low-end Android devices and regions with data connectivity issues. The app has a download size of less than 5MB c

Slack to extend collaboration to folks who don’t want to give up email

As Slack gathered with its growing customer base this week at the Frontiers Conference in San Francisco, it announced several enhancements to the product, including extending collaboration to folks wh

Salesforce-Microsoft love grows with SalesforceIQ-Outlook integration

Salesforce announced today that its SalesforceIQ intelligence product now integrates with Microsoft Outlook, which happens to be the most used business email program on the planet with over 400 milli

What The Hack? API Workshop Schedules And Judges Announced

Hello, again. It's your Disrupt Hackmasters, Reshma and Jeffery. We've got the inside scoop on the upcoming workshops and judges, and we're passing the information on to you. First, our API workshops,

Microsoft Opens To Third-Party Add-Ins, Microsoft's web-based email and calendaring client, is now open to third-party developers who want to build tools on top of it. Using the Outlook API, developers can build what Microsoft

Microsoft Outlook Is Starting To Look Like A Poor Man's Xobni

<img src=""> As we <a href="">first reported</a> on Friday, Mic

Microsoft And Partners Are About To Add A Big Fat Social Layer To Outlook

<img src="" class="shot2" />In November 2009, when <a href="">Microsoft</a> announced the <a href="https