microsoft live search

  • Go To Google Similar Images, Hit "Similar," Find Live Search

    Yesterday, Google unveiled its new Google Similar Images search feature under Google Labs. The product is nice, and works very well. But, Microsoft was doing the same thing with Live Search — over 4 months ago. A lot of commenters pointed it out to us yesterday, and naturally, Microsoft reached out today to let us know the same thing with what might as well have been a big, loud… Read More

  • Microsoft Tries To Re-Energize Cashback By Plugging It Into Its Products Engine

    Microsoft says that Live Search Products and Live Search Cashback have now been unified into a single experience. You can now access Cashback on Live Search Products page, which is Microsoft’s comparison shopping vertical site. Microsoft has migrated Cashback from the Jellyfish platform (the social shopping site that Microsoft purchased in 2007) to the Live Search platform. Last year… Read More