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How a browser startup is taking on Google search

Today, we're talking about Arc's new mobile app vs. Google search; why Reddit's IPO might finally happen; why Meta :heart: Apple; and... what Garry said.

AI is finally resulting in real growth for Big Tech

Generative AI technologies are being suffused into a host of applications, and the financial results of all that investment are starting to show up.

As Databricks touts demand for AI services, all eyes are on Microsoft’s and Alphabet’s Q3 results

We can't wait to find out if these companies will report a material improvement from their investments in AI-related computing tasks and products.

The ad market is recovering

New data from a number of tech businesses indicates that the ad market is recovering, partly due to AI.

Microsoft’s and Alphabet’s results indicate the AI game is more of a long-term strategy

Alphabet and Microsoft's results clearly indicate that the costs are high if you want to stay on the leaderboard in the modern AI arena.

Growth driven by AI will be the metric to watch this earnings cycle

With Alphabet and Microsoft reporting their quarterly results today, there's going to be a lot of scrutiny on the ability of their investments in new AI tech to drive growth.

Time for tech’s report card

We're embarking on another earnings cycle, which means we can study tech's largest companies' results to get some perspective on the state of the economy.

What is this, revenue growth for ants?

Growth matters, but given the macroeconomic climate, smaller numbers are apparently OK as long as there are clear factors driving future revenue and profit.

Big Tech falls short in the first salvos of the Q3 earnings cycle

Given the ever-changing state of the world's economy this year, the information that Big Tech earnings provide is even more important than usual.