Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft gives Salesforce a shove with new Dynamics 365 integrated cloud platform

Microsoft announced its intention today to combine the Dynamics CRM and ERP products into an integrated platform on top of which it is hoping third parties will build applications. It’s a compl

A new sales technology stack is coming

The sales tech stack is being built as we speak, and it’s happening in lockstep with the move from the one-to-many work of demand generation, to the one-to-one world of account-based sales and marke

Microsoft makes some moves to lift Dynamics CRM marketshare

Microsoft has been searching for ways to strengthen its flagging Dynamics customer relationship management (CRM) tool, and it made a couple of moves this week (one quite significant) with an eye to

Apttus adds support for Microsoft Dynamics as it tries to expand its market reach beyond Salesforce

Since its earliest days Apttus has always been a Salesforce shop. It’s built on the Salesforce platform and worked exclusively with Salesforce CRM, but that changed today when the company annou

Microsoft Dynamics Corporate VP Bob Stutz Steps Down

In a stunner today, Microsoft Corporate VP Bob Stutz stepped down from his job running Microsoft Dynamics CRM. MSDynamicsWorld broke the story, and Microsoft has confirmed the news in a statement. Bob

Microsoft Announces Major Update To Dynamics CRM Coming In Q4

Microsoft began what promises to be a long road to the fourth quarter release of its Dynamics CRM product today. The product has been completely redesigned, with the on-prem and cloud versions receivi