microsoft cofee

  • DECAF, the anti-Microsoft COFEE, pulled. It was a stunt designed to rally y'all.

    Ladies and gentlemen: we were worked. The other I mentioned DECAF, which was promoted as the anti Microsoft-COFEE. While I still don’t understand people’s fascination with the forensics tool, DECAF promised to protect users against whatever the hell COFEE does. Only it doesn’t: DECAF is a scam. Well, “scam” is a harsh word, more like “and let this be a lesson… Read More

  • DECAF, the anti-Microsoft COFEE, now available

    You sorta knew this was going to happen. Microsoft COFEE, a highly secretive forensics tool used by law enforcement, leaked onto the Internet several weeks ago. People far smarter than I got a hold of it, and have created what has been dubbed DECAF, an anti-COFEE set of tools that you can install to block the effects of COFEE. Read More

  • Take-down notices going after Microsoft Cofee

    You’ll recall that CrunchGear broke the news regarding the leak of Microsoft Cofee, a suite of applications used by law enforcement officials for their own devices. The leak came from a popular BitTorrent site, and then spread to The Pirate Bay and all over the Internet. Needless to say, it’s “out there.” So good luck to Microsoft in trying to stop its spread. Read More

  • Siren.gif: Microsoft COFEE law enforcement tool leaks all over the Internet~!

    It was one of the most sought after applications on the Internet until it was leaked earlier today. And now that it’s out there—and it is all over the place, easily findable by anyone able to use a search engine—we can all move on with our lives. Yes, Microsoft COFEE, the law enforcement tool that mystified so many of us (including Gizmodo~! and Ars Technica~!), is now… Read More