• SanDisk's 32GB microSDHC should make your life slightly easier vis-à-vis storage needs

    Nice, 32GB. Thanks, SanDisk! Now we can all shoot RAW just as carelessly as we shoot JPEG, for the low, low price of $200. Huzzah! Read More

  • This new Kingston 16GB microSDHC card is fast, really fast

    MicroSDHC might soon be able to play with the big boys. This Kingston model is the first Class 10 microSDHC memory card and has a minimum data transfer rate of 10MB/sec. That’s over twice as fast as the current Class 4 standard with its 4MB/sec speed. Too bad these cards are more than three times the cost of Class 4 16GB cards right now. Read More

  • The PhotoFast CR-7200 MicroSDHC RAID-0 CF adapter

    Now this is a good idea: RAID together four 16GB MicroSDHC cards for a fast, 64GB Compact Flash card. I guess in theory this is an efficient flash memory solution. You get the speed of MicroSDHC spread over four cards that’s compatible with high-end, or older, digital cameras. Or it you can finally put all those small MicroSDHC cards to good use. Read More

  • Toshiba presents new 16GB microSDHC and two SDHC cards

    Sandisk announced a 16GB micro SDHG card back in September and is now followed by Toshiba, whose model (SD-ME016GA) will be released in Japan in January next year [JP]. According to Asahi Shimbun [JP], one of Japan’s biggest newspapers, it will cost around $200 (Toshiba itself speaks of open prices). Toshiba also announced two SDHC cards. The SD-C16GT6 holds 16GB and will cost $200 when… Read More

  • SanDisk developing 128GB MicroSD cards for a 2011 release

    It’s generally accepted that flash memory eventually doubles in capacity and apparently SanDisk is looking towards the future when 128 GB MicroSD cards are available. ‘cording to the Deccan Herald and SanDisk’s CEO though, those cards will not be available until 2011 and I am assuming they will be of the new SDHC flavor. Seeing as the largest widely available MicroSDHC… Read More

  • SanDisk announces 16GB microSDHC and M2 memory cards

    You hear that rumble? That’s the purring of hundreds of thousands of handsets around the country, aching to gobble up one of the 16GB microSDHC and M2 cards just announced by SanDisk this morning. This announcement lifts the bar from the previous 8GB limit, allowing handsets which rely on microSDHC/M2 as their primary user memory to go gig-for-gig with handsets carrying 16GB internally… Read More

  • Hands-on: Kingston microSDHC 8GB

    Not the most exciting news or hands-on we’ve had at the CrunchGear office, but I’ll be sure to add Kingston’s newly added 8GB microSDHC card to my arsenal. The Class 4 comes with a microSD adapter and retails for $58, which is $13 cheaper than Sandisk‘s same offering. Read More