• Vesper grabs $15M to build a durable low-power mic that listens forever

    Vesper grabs $15M to build a durable low-power mic that listens forever

    As digital assistants like Siri and Alexa become more intelligent, there’s a growing need for them to always be accessible. Current microphone tech has been too power-hungry to keep permanently enabled. As a result, a new class of products, home assistants, like Amazon’s Alexa-enabled products and Google Home, have arisen as power-connected alternatives. Vesper is aiming to… Read More

  • Mikme Is A Portable, Multitrack Recording Rig For Your Cool Band

    Mikme Is A Portable, Multitrack Recording Rig For Your Cool Band

    If you got your first real six string at the Five and Dime and you and you and some guys from school got together to record some songs primarily during and around the summer of 1969, you probably could have used the Mikme. The Mikme is a box-shaped microphone that can sit anywhere in the room and record, the creator claims, audiophile-quality sound wirelessly. It connects to a phone or tablet… Read More

  • DIY: Adjustable Mic Stand From An IKEA Lamp

    Having an adjustable mic stand is essential for home recording or podcasting. Those mics are so sensitive that you really have to place them in the right position. Unfortunately, decent articulating mic stands can be expensive. But, if you’re close enough to an IKEA store to buy an IKEA TERTIAL lamp, then you can make your own. It’s as easy as removing the bulb and head of the lamp… Read More

  • Olympus Outs DM-620 PCM Recorder

    Believe it or not, handheld mics are a blogger’s best friend — I use the Zoom H1 almost daily. The DM-620 PCM is no different. The handheld mic records uncompressed 16 bit/48 kHz Linear PCM audio and stores it on the 4GB built-in memory (up to 32GB with microSD/SDHC Card). Features like auto-leveling, scene select, noise cancelation, zoom microphone and low-cut filter help… Read More

  • Video Review: Yeti USB Microphone

    Review: The Yeti from Blue Microphones is a $150 USB microphone with four recording settings, zero-latency audio monitoring via a built-in headphone jack, and a 48 kHz sampling rate at 16 bits. The mic itself is solidly built – and by “solid” I mean that the combined weight of the microphone and stand is almost 3.5 pounds and the entire getup stands about 12 inches high. Read More

  • XLR-to-USB cable brings you one step closer to music stardom

    You’ve been working on your music career for 13 years now. Take things to the next level by purchasing a higher-quality microphone. You know, one with an XLR input. Ask any touring musician about microphones. They’ll all be like, “Dude. XLR all the way. You have to spend more than $5 on a microphone if you want to get a record deal. That’s how they keep the riff-raff out… Read More

  • ‘ThumbTack’ microphone for iPod

    In what can only be described as the most adorable microphone in the history of consumer electronics, the ThumbTack mic from SwitchEasy.com is just what you need to take your fourth-generation iPod Nano and/or second-generation iPod Touch to the next level of aesthetic wonderment. It’s only $13, too! Read More

  • Review: Samson G-Track microphone

    Making music on your PC has never been easier – or harder. While the recording side of things is fairly straight-forward, getting good audio using your PC’s limited complement of hardware tools is difficult. Hissing, bad levels, and odd artifacts plague home recording. That’s why I like the G-Track microphone from Samson. It essentially puts a good microphone and nice… Read More