Micron CEO Dead At 51

The CEO of Micron Technology, Steve Appleton, died in a small plane crash today in Boise, Idaho. He was 51. Appleton worked at the company since 1983, starting on the night shift production lin

Ooh, a 256GB SSD from Micron is on the way

Another manufacturer has thrown its hat into the ever expanding, fantastically dull realm of solid state drive development. This time it’s Micron, which today announced that it plans to release

Micron pumps out 256GB solid-state drives

Welcome to the era of no moving parts. Micron is preparing 256GB solid state drives for use in laptops and mini PCs and expect to have working models available in the next year. No pricing, but the dr

Micron Develops 5 Megapixel HD Video Sensor For Cameras

Although the megapixel count for still cameras have been steadily growing into the double figures, their video capture is still stuck in the 30FPS and VGA (640×480) range. Micron just developed a