Meta unveils its newest custom AI chip as it races to catch up

Meta, hell-bent on catching up to rivals in the generative AI space, is spending billions on its own AI efforts. A portion of those billions is going toward recruiting AI researchers. But an even lar

New SambaNova chip designed to handle 5 trillion parameter model

Ever since OpenAI released ChatGPT at the end of last year, terms like generative AI and large language models have been on everyone’s lips. But when you dig beneath the hype, large language models

Investors bank on China’s alternatives to Nvidia’s auto chips

In China, a crop of homegrown chip companies has popped up as Beijing strives to decouple from America’s advanced technology and manage sanctions risks, which have crippled Huawei’s lucrat

AMD to acquire data center optimization startup Pensando for $2B

AMD is in the chip business, and a big part of that these days involves operating in data centers at an enormous scale. As the scale increases, efficiency becomes paramount, and being able to maximize

Oppo’s first self-developed chip is all about imaging performance

Chinese smartphone giant Oppo revealed its first in-house chipset at its annual innovation event hosted in Shenzhen on Tuesday. The MariSilicon X chip announced — named after the Mariana Trench

‘Flying’ microchips could ride the wind to track air pollution

Researchers have created a winged microchip around the size of a sand grain that may be the smallest flying device yet made. They're designed to be carried around by the wind and track pollution.

Tech and auto execs tackle global chip shortage at White House summit

A collection of tech and auto industry executives met with the White House to discuss solutions for the worldwide chip shortage Monday. CEOs from Google, Intel, HP, Dell, Ford and General Motors atten

IBM’s new Power9 chip was built for AI and machine learning

In a world that requires increasing amounts of compute power to handle the resource-intensive demands of workloads like artificial intelligence and machine learning, IBM enters the fray with its lates

Crunch Report | DOJ Accuses Four People of 2014 Yahoo Hack

DOJ accuses four people of a 2014 Yahoo hack, Reid Hoffman joins Microsoft's board of directors, a new process for visualizing chips and solving Uber's navigation problem. All this on Crunch Report.

Cisco to acquire Leaba Semiconductor for $320 million as buying spree continues

Cisco continued its buying spree today as it announced its intention to acquire Israeli chip designer Leaba Semiconductor for $320 million. Cisco sees this acquisition as a way to bolster its hard

With No Buyer For The ST-Ericsson JV, Chipmaker Cuts 1,600 Workers And Prepares For Divorce

More developments on the grim story of <a target="_blank" href="http://www.stericsson.com/">ST-Ericsson</a>, the unprofitable JV between <a target="_blank" href="http://www.ericsson.com">Ericsson</a>

Super-efficient micro-microchip could run on body heat and motion

It’s a big day for hot chips. No, not them. Researchers at MIT have created a tiny chip that is so efficient (it uses 0.3 volts, half as much as Intel’s “Atom”) that it could c

Nerdy Felons Steal $190k in Microchips

While most of us are at the height of the giving feeling this holiday season, some crooks out of Silicon Valley are more interested in taking. In a clever heist straight out of CHiPs ’07, a gang