• Tiny bubbles make me feel fine

    Philips is working on some fancy new drug deliver technologies that utilize microbubbles in a new way. Traditionally, microbubbles are used to enhance the resolution of ultrasound images, but Philips’ research provide a one-two punch for imaging and targeted drug delivery. Read More

  • High-tech bubble bath machine for dogs

    IDEC Corp. yesterday unveiled [JP] a bathing machine for dogs. The jacuzzi system consists of a main unit (27.5×27.5x43cm), a shower head, and a hose. IDEC’s proprietary GALF makes it possible to produce microbubbles as small as 20μm on average, with a density of 600,000 bubbles/cm3. A compressor is not needed. The bubble generator is called “Wan love yu” which… Read More