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  • Panasonic Releases New Micro Four-Thirds And 3D Cameras, The GX1 And 3D1

    Panasonic Releases New Micro Four-Thirds And 3D Cameras, The GX1 And 3D1

    Panasonic was one of the first strong competitors in the micro four-thirds camera arena, and we’ve been waiting on the next iteration of the G-series cameras for months. They’ve finally announced the GX1, aimed much more at enthusiasts than the simplified GF2 and GF3. Panasonic also announced a 3D-oriented point and shoot, which to be honest doesn’t look so hot. The GX1 seems… Read More

  • Micro Four-Thirds Lenses Too High-Quality For You? Try This One!

    Micro Four-Thirds Lenses Too High-Quality For You? Try This One!

    When I go on a trip or just out a-shooting with my camera, I often have a moment of slight panic, in which I try to decide whether I should take my nice big expensive lens with me and risk getting it damaged during the adventure, or take the cheap one for less impressive pictures but also a load off my mind. It’s really a problem when lenses cost more than cameras. So if you’re… Read More

  • Hands-On: At The U.S. Open With The Olympus E-PM1

    Hands-On: At The U.S. Open With The Olympus E-PM1

    Olympus is trying to do with their new E-PMT1 PEN Mini camera what other manufacturers already have: bring DSLR power to the masses. It’s their smallest Micro Four Thirds camera to date, and it’s definitely got its proverbial sights set on the mass market — and the fact that it comes in six colors certainly doesn’t hurt. Olympus was kind enough to let me play with an… Read More

  • Olympus E-PL3 Gets Price And September Shipping

    Olympus E-PL3 Gets Price And September Shipping

    Olympus first announced the E-PL3 late in June, but at the time only the E-P3 (which we recently reviewed) had a price and a date. No longer! The E-PL3 is now officially coming to the US in September, though Oly didn’t want to get any more specific than that. At $700, the E-PL3 is $200 cheaper than the E-P3; the two share the same sensor, image processor, and general camera… Read More

  • The PEN Is Mightier Than The Point And Shoot: Olympus Announces New M4/3 Line

    Olympus just announced the new PEN E-P3, PEN E-PL3, and PEN E-PM1. Why so many, you ask? Well, this is a full range of M4/3s cameras in various sizes – the granddaddy P, the “light” PL, and the mini PM. The E-P3 costs $899 with 12.3-megapixel Live MOS Image Sensor and 14-42mm lens. Only the E-P3 has been priced but here are some specs on the other, smaller cameras. In… Read More

  • Panasonic Goes Light And Basic With The New GF3

    Panasonic’s compact micro four-thirds GF series has received an update, and yes, it’s the one we saw last week. The GF3 is lighter, smaller, and simpler than its predecessor. It also forgoes a hot shoe in favor of a pop-up flash, something which may anger serious photographers but makes sense given the direction in which they’ve taken the camera line. Read More

  • Panasonic GF3 Spotted In Promo Video?

    The successor to Panasonic’s well-liked GF2 micro four-thirds camera seems to have leaked in a promotional video – reminds me of how the D5100 got out a few months ago. The new camera appears to have a smaller, more sculpted shape, no hot shoe, and a touchscreen-oriented interface. 4/3 Rumors has more info for you, and more speculation, of course. If you were thinking of picking up… Read More

  • Panasonic Officially Announces G3 Micro Four Thirds Camera With Touch Control

    It kind of leaked yesterday, but now Panasonic made the Lumix DMC-G3 official. The micro four-thirds camera is the successor to the DMC-G2, and apart from improving just about every technical feature, the new model is more compact and now boasts a touch-based UI. Read More

  • Panasonic G3 Camera Leaked, Should Be Showing Up Late Tonight

    A new Panasonic micro four-thirds camera, successor to the DMC-G2, is scheduled to be announced tomorrow in London, according to 4/3 Rumors. It’ll have a new 15.8-megapixel sensor, a 3″ articulating LCD, a more compact body, and a few other notable features. It’s supposed to hit the wire at 8AM in London, which is midnight here in Seattle. We’ll have all the juicy… Read More

  • Panasonic's GH2 Gets Reviewed

    DP Review has posted their (as usual) exhaustive and technical review of Panasonic’s latest micro four-thirds camera, the DMC-GH2. We’ve been looking forward to this one, and it doesn’t disappoint: it addresses some of the failures of the GH1 while improving and expanding on the feature set and ameliorating noise issues. I’m still waiting on the Fujifilm X100 (or… Read More

  • Begun, The EVIL Lens-Mount Wars Have

    The latest trend in hobbyist-level photography is the EVIL format, basically a mirrorless design that allows for interchangeable lenses. The Olympus E-PL2 and Panasonic GF2 are two of the more prominent cameras using the “micro four-thirds” design, but Sony is developing a competitor it calls E-mount, and has just released the spec for it. Will lens makers choose one over the other… Read More

  • Carl Zeiss To Start Making Micro 4/3 Lenses

    Our brothers at HuffPOL/Engadget snagged this press release announcing that Carl Zeiss, lensmaker to the stars, will start selling M4/3 lenses in the near future. Note the release does not describe any particular lens but instead promises to start building in the format over the next few years and that they are now part of the Micro Four Thirds System group, a set of companies dedicated to… Read More

  • Panasonic DMC-GF2 Micro Four-Thirds Camera Now For Pre-order

    Alright camera people, it’s time to get your pre-orders in for the DMC-GF2, the sucessor to the GF1. The camera offers interchangeable lenses and comes with a 14mm f2.5 kit lens. Also, the camera sports a 12 megapixel sensor featuring Full-HD video capabilities, all viewed with a 3-inch touch-screen LCD. Even more cool is that the camera is compatible with Panasonic’s new 3D… Read More

  • Panasonic GF2 Spotted On Banner; Announcement Expected Tomorrow

    Panasonic’s successor to the successful micro four-thirds GF1 is due to be announced tomorrow at the Salon de la Photo show in Paris, if the banners hanging around the venue are any indication. The new camera looks to be smaller and thinner than its predecessor, but not much is actually known. Read More

  • Olympus Goes All In With M4/3, Says Sayonara To Entry-Level DSLRs

    Olympus, purveyor of fine photography goods, has put it on the record that they are out of the crowded entry-level DSLR game. I don’t blame them; with a great Micro Four Thirds series like the Pen, and with Canon and Nikon duking it out at the sub-$1000 level, they’ve got no reason to spend precious R&D cash on an also-ran product. Read More

  • Samsung NX100 Camera Shipping For $599

    Remember the Samsung NX100 camera? It was announced during CES this year, and we’re finally seeing it ship. The NX100 is a micro 4/3rds camera with a 14.6mp sensor, 3″ AMOLED display, and the ability to record videos in 720p. You can pick one up for $599, and it comes with a 20-50mm lens that uses Samsung’s NX mount. [via OLED-Info] Read More

  • Is the Nikon Q the next EVIL camera?

    There’s been some interesting noises coming out of Photokina in the form of some leaked photos that were sent to Nikon Rumors. There’s not much to the photos, just some phone camera shots of what closely resembles the lens mount of the new EVIL camera that Nikon has patented. Could we be seeing a micro 4/3rd’s from Nikon next week? Read More

  • AG-AF100: Panasonic’s Micro Four-Thirds Pro Camcorder Gets Priced And Dated (In Japan)

    Back in April, Panasonic caused quite a big splash by teasing the AG-AF100, an interchangeable-lens camcorder for “professional users”. The Micro Four-Thirds device is the first of its kind, offering 1080/60i or 1080/30p AVCHD video recording and the ability to use a bunch of different lenses, adapters and filters with it (Micro Four-Thirds lens mount). Read More

  • Quick Look: Panasonic DMC-G10 Micro Four-thirds Camera

    We’ve been looking at a few micro 4/3s cameras recently and I’m really excited about the technology. What you get is near-DSLR quality in a package that’s eminently portable, and unless you’re planning on shooting F1 racers these cameras are fast enough for most shooting situations. Read More

  • Panasonic goes live with the DMC-G2 & DMC-G10 pricing

    We already knew everything about the DMC-G1 and DMC-G10. Panasonic announced them back in early March and revealed their 12.1 MP sensors, 3-inch LCD screens, and 720p video modes. But the press release back then didn’t mention anything about pricing. Don’t you hate that? We do. Read More

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