Michael Strahan

Jeff Bezos and GMA host Michael Strahan star in new Blue Origin kids’ space show

Jeff Bezos-headed company Blue Origin is getting its own kid-friendly animated space adventure series called “Blue Origins Space Rangers,” production companies Genius Brands and SMAC Productions a

Tom Brady, Michael Strahan and Gotham Chopra are launching a new sports media startup

The Super Bowl is over, but Tom Brady is still at work. The quarterback who will undeniably go down in NFL history as one of the greatest of all time is already thinking about his next act. Alongside

Consolidation Heats Up In Subscription Economy, As Quarterly Buys Celeb-Endorsed Rival 12Society

Today, TechCrunch has learned that <a target="_blank" href="https://quarterly.co/">Quarterly.co</a>, a subscription giftbox service that features monthly instalments curated by respected entrepreneurs

12Society: A Lifestyle Site Curated & Co-founded By Stars Like Nick Cannon, Nas And Tim Lincecum

Since announcing its private beta in March, <a target="_blank" href="http://www.12society.com/">12society</a> has been in stealth mode, quietly building a star studded roster of co-founders and curato

12Society Grabs Michael Strahan, Nets Funding From Groupon Co-founders, BeachMint President

When we last heard from <a href="http://www.12society.com/">12Society</a> -- the stealth startup described as a "guy-focused lifestyle platform built on the intersection of culture, technology and com