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Billionaire clothing dynasty heiress launches Everybody & Everyone to make fashion sustainable

Veronica Chou’s family has made its fortune at the forefront of the fast fashion business through investments in companies like Michael Kors and Tommy Hilfiger. But now, the heiress to an estima

With a portfolio including Acorns, Sweetgreen and Ro, Torch Capital raises $60M for its first fund

Jonathan Keidan, the founder of Torch Capital, had already built a portfolio that included Acorns, Compass, Digital Ocean and Sweetgreen, before he raised single dollar for his inaugural venture capit

Michael Kors lends its name to a gold-colored Fujifilm instant camera

Slowly but surely Michael Kors is becoming a technology brand. The company recently lent its name to an Android smartwatch. I tried it out. It was, I don’t know, fine I guess. But mostly it was real

How legacy brands and retailers can keep up with our tech-driven world

The U.S. apparel industry is currently valued at $12 billion, and with the high number of dollars pouring into the retail economy, brands are looking to technology to foster deeper connections with co

Michael Kors brings really, really big design to Android Wear

At their heart, most smartwatches really aren’t all that far removed from those calculator watches from the 80s. The height of geek chic. Big and bulky pronouncements to world that the wearer is una