michael jackson

  • Michael Jackson's sad, sad toy barn

    These panoramas show the remains of MJ’s secret toy lair complete with C3-P0, Batman, and Darth Vader dolls along with some bikes, some Bruce Lee stuff, and a few lumpen Power Rangers. This is the detritus of an overgrown kid with attention disorder. It jumps from cool thing to cool thing and even includes an arcade dedicated to games that died at the turn of the century. Read More

  • MJ flash drive includes Thriller album and sad, cynical marketing ploy

    I Took My Flash Drive
    On A Saturday Tweetup
    “Boy Is That Flash With You”
    “Yes We’re One And The Same” Now I Believe In Gigabytes
    And An 2 Gig Model
    Is Shipping Tonight But, If
    You’re Thinkin’
    About My Flash Drive
    It Costs $19.99 And Comes In
    Black And Green Read More