Michael Acton Smith

  • That one time I was tucked in by a startup

    That one time I was tucked in by a startup

    There I was on a comfy gray couch, surrounded by pillows and being handed an eye mask in a reserved office space in downtown San Francisco when, next thing I knew, Michael Acton Smith, co-founder of Calm was tucking me in and spraying a relaxing mist over my body. “Sweet dreams,” said his comms person as the two shut the door. That’s when Tamara began to speak… Tamara… Read More

  • Moshi Monsters Aims To Become The Facebook for Kids (TCTV)

    Mind Candy CEO Michael Acton Smith came to my office today to tell me about Moshi Monsters, his company’s virtual world for kids that is signing up a new member every second. Moshi Monsters was his “last roll of the dice” to save his virtual worlds startup in 2008, and it worked. Moshi Monsters is up to 35 million registered users, with about 7 million of those active… Read More