• Review: Razer Mamba wired/wireless gaming mouse

    Back at CES, I got to check out the Mamba in its near-final form. I was impressed, and couldn’t wait to get my hands on it to review. Now, after living with it for a good while, and after some serious initial problems, I can say it’s everything they wanted it to be, though I still think Razer’s true megamouse will be the Mamba’s successor. Watch and read for optimum… Read More

  • SteelSeries has new gear for serious gamers

    There is a certain market for gaming mice. These guys are the type that join an online FPS clan. They are the ones that yell at you for trying to have fun instead of cap’n the last flag. They obsess about framerates, lag, and 3DMark scores. But the key aspect of these nerds are that they often blame their computer or input device for failing. “Damn mouse! I knew I should have… Read More

  • Aquarium mouse lets you interface in style

    While I’m partial to Fly Guy’s aquarium platform shoes in I’m Gonna Git You Sucka, they just don’t seem practical for everyday use. This aquarium mouse, on the other hand… Read More

  • Skype mouse slides open, features LCD screen

    Building a Skype phone into a mouse has indeed been done before but here’s another implementation for your perusal. This one’s got a nice 128×64-pixel LCD display, too, which ought to make it easier to see who you’re drunk-dialing after a long night of drinking Mudslides. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Mice for any price

    Looking for a new mouse? Well, no matter how much you’re thinking of spending, there’s a good deal out there for you somewhere. We found some great mice for $50, $40, $30, $20, and even $10. So whether you’re a high roller or looking for an extra mouse for the kitchen PC, we’ve got you covered. All prices include shipping, but there might be some tax up in there. Read More

  • Belkin intros a trio of "comfort" mice

    It’s hard to believe that anything other than the Logitech MX Revolution could be comfortable in the hand. While I doubt that Belkin is going after that particular mouse they are touting a trio of mice that were designed to “place your hand in the optimum position for working in comfort.” Read More

  • Cideko wireless media keyboard features mid-air mousing

    Hello there, seemingly useful wireless keyboard and mouse combo. The Cideko Air Keyboard features a full QWERTY keypad, plus it functions as a mouse in mid-air! Just move it to and fro and watch your on-screen cursor move along with it. Read More

  • The Sony brings style to mice with the VGP-BMS10 Bluetooth mouse

    Mice might not be the most stylish devices in the computer world. Most of the time ergonomics wins over style as your hand covers it anyway. But this Sony VAIO mouse forgoes the comfort for a drop dead gorgeous look. Read More

  • Button-less multitouch trackpad coming from Synaptics

    Synaptics, purveyor of fine touchpads, recently demonstrated its upcoming “ClickPad,” which is basically a button-less multitouch trackpad that’s “ideal for space constrained netbooks where real estate is at a premium in the palmrest.” Read More

  • Now Cooler Master makes gaming mice too!

    The latest trend in PC hardware has been previously component-only companies like Asus, MSI, and NZXT getting into markets they had nothing to do with before. The results have been mixed, of course: the early Eee PCs were kind of chintzy, MSI has struggled with price points and brand differentiation, and NZXT’s Avatar mouse was unique but flawed. But it’s exciting and it adds… Read More

  • Me Grimlock! Me transform into mouse!

    It appears there is a stepped rollout going on with Transformers-related doodads. Hey, they can imitate anything within their mass limits, right? So why wouldn’t they become helpful everyday gadgets instead of expensive cars and flamey semi trucks? Just yesterday we saw the USB drive that turns into a robo-cat… or is it a robo-cat that turns into a USB drive? We won’t know… Read More

  • New Microsoft mice are Bluetracky, mobile

    The latest gear from Microsoft arrives in fine, compact, and wireless form. The new Wireless Mobile Mouse 6000 and Wireless Mouse 5000 (such evocative names) are go-with-you mice, in case your trackpad isn’t all that. The Wireless Keyboard 3000 looks pretty solid, although it’s got those freaky function buttons instead of F-keys. Not that I use F6 and F7 all the time, but at… Read More

  • Tiny USB mouse costs $13 plus medical bills to correct clawhand

    Oh man, this mouse sends shooting pains all the way up my arm just by looking at it. But it’s small and very portable! Read More

  • Two Minute Review: Ford GT40 Series Car Mouse

    The Ford GT40 Series Car Mouse from RoadMice.com is a $50 wireless mouse stuffed in a replica Ford GT. This is definitely a mouse for car lovers and there’s apparently quite a market for car mice, as RoadMice.com offers about a skillion different models of wired and wireless mice that look just like real-life cars. Read More

  • Want: Nintendo mouse

    This NES-inspired mouse could probably be the hot-selling Wii of the mouse world if Nintendo ever decided to produce such a thing. I would buy one and you would buy one. Repeat that process until there’s a three-year supply shortage and, boom, the NES Mouse is what all the kids want, ladies and gentlemen. Read More

  • Spotted IRL: Those crazy crystal mice

    So we were wandering around Rome this weekend – I yelled at one of those crazy guys who wear Roman armor around the Colosseum and ask you for money to take your picture with them – and spotted this mouse in the wild. That’s right: that crazy crystal-studded mouse we all made fun of a few months ago (I don’t even think we wrote it up it was so stupid) is available in… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: MoGo mouse for $30

    Remember the MoGo mouse? It’s a Bluetooth laptop mouse that rests and recharges in a PCMCIA slot until it’s needed. Buy.com is selling it for $30 while it’s priced at $55+ elsewhere. Perhaps the slow death of PCMCIA slots in laptops has something to do with the low price. Read More

  • New Microsoft Sidewinder mouse looks sluglike, comfortable

    Microsoft mice are coming out like machine gun bullets! Well, not really, but we reviewed the chunky X5 back in September, the sweet and wireless but cloth-mouse-pad-intolerant X8 last month, and in between them we had the X6 keyboard. The newest gear from Microsoft’s new lineup is the X3, a smaller and less expensive version of their other Sidewinder mice. Read More

  • She's a brick – dananaaana – mouse (that's gold)

    Throwing ergonomics and good taste out the window, the gold brick mouse has to be one of the silliest products I’ve ever seen. I honestly can’t imagine who would spend $35 on a product like this, unless they were drunk. Can anyone honestly tell me that they want one of these for anything other then a gag gift? Read More

  • OCZ's new gaming mice should be called Lennie and George

    OCZ, more well-known for its RAM and hard drives, has been making a push into the peripheral sector lately, and these mice are the latest product of that. They’re called the Behemoth and the Eclipse; I’ll let you guess which is which. Read More

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