MGS4 engine tweaked for MGS: Rising because the Xbox 360 can't handle it

<img src="" alt="" />Kojima made it very clear from day 1 that the Xbox 360 could not handle the MGS4 engin

Xbox 360 rumor madness: Metal Gear Solid 4 on the way (and Microsoft's secret kill switch)

<img src="" />Man alive, this is more exciting than the Pentagon Papers. Apparently someone who used to work at Microsoft in some capaci

MGS 4 in bargain bins already?

We’ll start the day off with a video game story, since summers in the tech industry are slower than Biggs’ metabolism. Metal Gear Solid 4, in Japanese bargain bins already? Copies of Hideo

Wal-Mart sells new ‘Metal Gear Solid’ game early

A big, shiny gold star goes to Konami for being cool about Metal Gear Solid 4 being sold before the June 12th release date. According to PlayStation Universe, “This week, a couple of Wal-Marts were

Amazon goes down: Metal Gear Solid 4/Playstation 3 bundle to blame?

Amazon’s site has been down off and on today, completely out of service. The company’s been mum on the topic, but it went down shortly after the Playstation 3/Metal Gear Solid 4 bundle the

Video: The most awkward moments of Metal Gear Solid Another Fr

MGS4: 90-minute cutscenes ‘grossly exaggerated’

Earlier reports of feature-film length cutscenes have been denied by the game’s production company. According to Kotaku, Ryan Payton, assistant producer at Kojima Productions, said the following; I&

Rumor squished: Metal Gear Solid 4 not coming to 360, it's final

The longtime whispers of MGS4 coming out on the 360 have been smushed by a Konami rep, who says that it is indeed a PS3 exclusive and there are no plans to develop a 360 version. People thought that e