‘Metroid: Dread’ is a tense and fluid return to form for Nintendo’s enduring series

Nintendo seems as unable to let go of its decades-old franchises as it is unwilling to stop reinventing them. But in Metroid: Dread the company has acknowledged that sometimes it really is better not

Playing Metroid Dread on the Nintendo Switch OLED Model

It’s been a big year for Nintendo news. Between the impossible fever dream of last week’s Super Mario movie casting and the eagerly anticipated sequel to the Switch’s best game, it’s easy to l

Nintendo teases 2022 release for Breath of the Wild sequel and releases Zelda Game & Watch to tide us over

Nintendo defied expectations today with an E3-timed Direct showing off not the hoped-for new Switch hardware but a dozen or so new games — as well as a general release window for the much-anticipate

Nintendo buys Canadian game studio in rare acquisition

While gaming giants Sony and Microsoft have made M&A a critical part of their strategic growth plans, Nintendo has always seemed to be more reluctant to bring outside talent into the fold of its v

Metroid Prime 4 development was going so badly, Nintendo is starting over

For all those wondering why we haven’t heard much out of the Metroid Prime 4 camp since the title was announced at E3 2017 (with an admittedly underwhelming trailer), Nintendo just offered a surpris

Clothing maker Scott Jordan talks about the future of fashion

Scott Jordan never meant to make clothes. He was a lawyer by trade and wanted something he could wear to keep his Walkman from snagging on doorknobs. A few iterations later he invented the SCOTTeVEST,

A short list of some games we want to see on the Nintendo Switch

Nintendo showed off its new console, the Nintendo Switch, for the first time, in a video earlier today. It’s basically a tablet to which you connect two controllers when you’re carrying it

Metroid: Other M Impressions I’m going through a bit of the new Metroid game by Team Ninja, the same guys who made Ninja Gaiden and I’m pleased to report th

Metroid Other M: No Nunchuk, No Cry

When Nintendo first unveiled Metroid Prime, fans were skeptical (if not downright apeshit). For a 2D adventure game based on exploration, how could it possibly work in first person? Long story short,

Unboxing: Metroid Prime: Trilogy (Wii)

Metroid was probably my most favorite game in the mid to late 90s for the NES and today, Nintendo released Metroid Prime: Trilogy for the Wii. Announced back at E3 in June, Metroid 3: Corruption is pa

Metroid movie? Please tell me this is true

If it’s on the Internet, it must be true. Of course, this is entirely speculation — pure internet “it is rumored” nonsense, but damn it man, we can hope can’t we? And the