India metro smart cards vulnerable to ‘free top-up’ bug

India’s mass rapid transit systems — or metro, as it’s known locally — rely on commuter smart cards that are vulnerable to exploitation and allow anyone to effectively travel for free.

Mozilla Cancels Firefox For Metro, Cites Fewer Than 1,000 Daily Active Users

Mozilla today announced that it will halt development of its Firefox for Windows 8 Metro browser after about a year-and-a-half of development. According to Mozilla’s Firefox VP Jonathan Nighting

Cross-Platform Drag-And-Drop App Maker Tiggzi Launches Windows 8 Support

Tiggzi, a DIY mobile app maker, just announced that it has added support for Windows 8 to its cross-platform drag-and-drop development suite. The services, which already offered support for Windows Ph

Get Your Ass To Metro (Windows 8)

Love it or hate it, Windows 8 is a big deal and it's only going to get bigger. Particularly the Metro side. The Windows Store will bring app store economics to the PC in a way that most users have nev

Clearing Up The Confusion: It’s “The New Windows 8 UI” – Not “Metro UI”

Ever since we heard the <a href="">first rumors</a> about Microsoft <a href="

Mozilla’s First Preview Release Of Firefox Metro Arrives On Windows 8

With the official launch of Windows 8 just around the corner, Mozilla today unveiled its first preview release of Firefox Metro. The Metro version of Firefox, Mozilla says, was "designed from the gro

PSA For Win8 Devs: The Only Way To Distribute Your Metro Apps Is Through The Windows Store

Here is a reminder for developers who want to write apps for Windows 8's Metro mode (or whatever Microsoft prefers to call it these days): the only way to distribute your apps to consumers is through

Where Are The Killer Apps For Windows 8 Metro?

<a href="">Love it or hate it</a>, but Windows 8 will <a href="

Windows 8 Is “A Cognitive Burden”

It's hard to blame Microsoft for making bold decisions with its upcoming desktop operating system. But the <a href="">renamed</a> Windows 8-style UI

As Windows 8 Nears Public Debut, Microsoft Ditches “Metro” Brand (P.S. It Doesn’t Matter)

Microsoft is abandoning its "Metro" branding - the branding that refers to the clean, modern, tiled layout that defines many of its consumer-facing products including Windows 8, Windows Phone, Xbox 36

Chrome For Metro Set To Arrive In Next Dev Channel Release

As the release of Windows 8 draws closer, all of the major browser vendors are also preparing to launching their applications for the touch-centric Metro UI that will prominently feature in next ver

Microsoft Kinectimals Appears On The iPhone, As Cute As Can Be

Microsoft has ported Kinectimals, the Xbox 360 game that involves the care and feeding of dangerous animals in the wild, to the iPhone, suggesting that (at least in the short term) even Microsoft sees

Video: Ads appear only when you do Who’s ready for even more high-tech ads? Short on cash, the metro in DC will in