Aurora Hydrogen raises $10M, but will its process decarbonize or facilitate tar sand exploitation?

Aurora uses a microwave-based approach to liberate hydrogen from methane.

Crusoe Energy is tackling energy use for cryptocurrencies and data centers and greenhouse gas emissions

The two founders of Crusoe Energy think they may have a solution to two of the largest problems facing the planet today — the increasing energy footprint of the tech industry and the greenhouse

NASA’s Curiosity rover finds levels of gas on Mars that could suggest possibility of life

NASA’s Curiosity Rover has detected high levels of methane output during its mission on the Martian surface, the New York Times reports. The discovery, found during a measurement taking on Wedne

Bill And Melinda Gates Foundation Grants $1.5M To Turn Human Waste Into Biofuel

<img src=''> Two of many challenges developing countries face are unsafe water and a lack of affordable energy. With the help of a

In San Antonio, Greenhouse Gases From Sewage Are Saved And Sold As Energy

<img src="" width="280" height="202" class="alignright size-full wp-image-234638" /></img> This week, a new biogas facility opened