Apollo GraphQL launches its Supergraph

The name kind of gives it away, but Apollo GraphQL has long focused on helping developers use the GraphQL query language for APIs to integrate data from a variety of services. Over the course of the l

Tiny acquires Meteor

Canadian technology holding company Tiny, home to companies like Dribble, Flow and Unicorn Hunt, today announced that it has acquired Meteor, the JavaScript-centric open-source app platform. Meteor la

Apollo raises $22M for its GraphQL platform

Apollo, a San Francisco-based startup that provides a number of developer and operator tools and services around the GraphQL query language, today announced that it has raised a $22 million growth fun

JavaScript App Platform Meteor Announces Scholarship For High School Girls To Learn How To Code

JavaScript framework startup Meteor has a new scholarship program in partnership with the Flatiron School to teach computer science to high school girls from underrepresented backgrounds. As part of t

Meteor Launches Paid Developer Support Subscriptions For Its JavaScript App Platform

The Y Combinator-incubated Meteor JavaScript application platform today announced that it has acquired Percolate Studio, a design and engineering shop with a lot of experience in building and supporti

Meteor Raises $20M To Build The One JavaScript Stack To Rule Them All

The competitive landscape for app development tool providers continues to become tighter, with Meteor Development Group raising $20 million for its stack of frameworks and tools for developing web and

Meteor Acquires YC Alum FathomDB For Its Development Platform

Meteor, a well-funded member of Heavybit's stable of developer-centric startups, today announced that it has acquired FathomDB and its database technology. FathomDB was a Y Combinator startup that

Meteor: Etherpad Founder & Other Rockstars Team Up To Make Web App Development A Breeze

Web apps look a lot different today than they did a decade ago. Today, in the era of smart clients, web and native apps have to communicate with an array of distributed cloud services, and, while lega

These Hermes iPad 2 Cases Costs More Than An iPad 2

First off, this is silly. $1,400 for an orange leather flap seems a bit dumb to me. Sure, the leather might be from some special barbwire-free cattle that only consumes organic alfalfa hand-picked by