JavaScript App Platform Meteor Announces Scholarship For High School Girls To Learn How To Code

JavaScript framework startup Meteor has a new scholarship program in partnership with the Flatiron School to teach computer science to high school girls from underrepresented backgrounds. As part of t

Meteor Launches Paid Developer Support Subscriptions For Its JavaScript App Platform

The Y Combinator-incubated Meteor JavaScript application platform today announced that it has acquired Percolate Studio, a design and engineering shop with a lot of experience in building and supporti

Meteor Raises $20M To Build The One JavaScript Stack To Rule Them All

The competitive landscape for app development tool providers continues to become tighter, with Meteor Development Group raising $20 million for its stack of frameworks and tools for developing web and

Meteor Acquires YC Alum FathomDB For Its Development Platform

Meteor, a well-funded member of Heavybit's stable of developer-centric startups, today announced that it has acquired FathomDB and its database technology. FathomDB was a Y Combinator startup that

Meteor: Etherpad Founder & Other Rockstars Team Up To Make Web App Development A Breeze

Web apps look a lot different today than they did a decade ago. Today, in the era of smart clients, web and native apps have to communicate with an array of distributed cloud services, and, while lega

These Hermes iPad 2 Cases Costs More Than An iPad 2

First off, this is silly. $1,400 for an orange leather flap seems a bit dumb to me. Sure, the leather might be from some special barbwire-free cattle that only consumes organic alfalfa hand-picked by