Metallica is back on Napster, so maybe we can all get along after all

There doesn’t seem to be a hell of a lot in the way of hopefulness these days when it comes to bridging our divided society. But if Metallica and Napster can put aside nearly two decades of lawsuits

Guitar Hero: Metallica for the PlayStation 2 now available


Video: Metallica's Lars Urlich uses BitTorrent while drunk, says two bad words

<img src="">To recap: Lars and his buddies downloaded Death Magnetic into the computer there and found the quality quite

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<img src="">Can you believe it?!?! Guitar Heor: Metallica is only two and a half months away. I know! I can't wait either! GameStop

It’s a Christmas Miiiraacle! Trailer for Guitar Hero: Metallica shows up

<img src="" />As someone who’s about to hit 30, I grew up love, love, loving Metallica. I went to the fabled Metallica/Guns N’ Roses double bill, boug

'Guitar Hero: Metallica' coming next year?

Metallica has officially run out of mon– I mean, GameSpot UK is reporting that Activision is planning on publishing “Guitar Hero: Metallica” in 2009, according to notes from an SEC f

Metallica thinking about jumping on the online distribution bandwagon

They used to be good. Metallica gave hints in an interview with Rolling Stone that it will follow the Nine Inch Nails and Radiohead model of Internet-based music distribution. (You can already downloa