Greg Mark of Markforged talks about putting metal into the microwave

When a guy like Greg Mark emails it pays to reply. Mark, who is the eccentric and excitable founder of Markforged, a 3D printer systems that spits out ready-made carbon fiber and metal products, is al

U.S. Legislation Aims To Ban Plastic Guns Metal Detectors Can’t Detect

Rep. Steve Israel (D-N.Y.) and a group of Democrats have proposed the Undetectable Firearms Modernization Act, legislation that would require all guns to contain enough metal to be detected by metal d

Tesla Buys A Company In A State Where It’s Barred From Selling Cars

Tesla Motors has acquired Michigan-based <a target="_blank" href="">Riviera Tool</a>, Tesla confirms. This purchase marks Tesla's first presence in Michigan, a state where t

Hands-On With The $149 Hisense Chromebook

When Google announced that Haier and Hisense were about to launch $149 Chromebooks -- the most affordable Google-powered laptops yet -- I wasn't quite sure what to expect. How much computer, after all

Students Build Objects With Metal Using A MIG Welder And An Off-The-Shelf 3D Printer

Today in the Department of Overkill Department we present students from the University of Delft who have built a metal printer using a basic Prusa 3D printer – essentially a hobbyist printer &#8

Researchers Create Whimsically Charming 3D Printed Metal

People so rarely use <a target="_blank" href="">light string accompaniment as the soundtracks</a> for their 3D printing projects these days, but I think

Gustafsson & Sjogren Lapland Sky Damascus Steel Watch Review

<img src="">There are few designs less polarizing in the "I would wear this department" than a watch like the Lapland Sky" f

This Toaster Is So Metal, It Has A Skull AND Crossbones

When I first saw this device, I was utterly convinced that blood and drop D tuning must pour out of it on an “as-needed” basis. Then I realized that it was just a toaster and proceeded to