metal gear solid touch

Metal Gear Solid Touch for the iPhone/iPod Touch now available

<img src="" alt="" />Ahoy hoy, MGS fans, who might also happen to own an iPhone and/or iPod Touch, Konami has pushed out <i><a href="http:

Metal Gear Solid for the iPhone to be released on Thursday

<img src="" /> One of the most anticipated games for the iPhone/iPod Touch has to be Konami's <a href="

Konami releases first screenshots of the iPhone's Metal Gear Solid Touch

<img src="" />Right around Christmastime was the last time we heard anything about <i>Metal Gear Solid Touch</i>, Konami's first game f

Get ready for Metal Gear Solid Touch for the iPhone

Konami has just eliminated any remaining doubts about the iPhone being a proper video game platform. It just announced that it will release Metal Gear Solid Touch in March, 2009. Available for both th