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Xbox 360 rumor madness: Metal Gear Solid 4 on the way (and Microsoft's secret kill switch)

<img src="" />Man alive, this is more exciting than the Pentagon Papers. Apparently someone who used to work at Microsoft in some capaci

July NPD numbers are here: Once again, PS3 outsells Xbox 360

The July NPD numbers have come out, and the PS3 continued its fine June performance, once again topping the Xbox 360 in units sold. Sony sold 224,000 PS3s to Microsoft’s 204,000. Meanwhile, the

MGS 4 in bargain bins already?

We’ll start the day off with a video game story, since summers in the tech industry are slower than Biggs’ metabolism. Metal Gear Solid 4, in Japanese bargain bins already? Copies of Hideo

What does Metal Gear Solid 4 tell us about ourselves?

The world is spinning out of control, but the New York Times still finds time to analyze what Metal Gear Solid 4 means to the medium of video games and to humanity as a whole. Super. An article there

Konami cancels all launch events for Metal Gear Solid 4 in Japan

Amid rising concerns about the safety of attendees, Konami Japan called off all three launch events [JP] planned for their highly anticipated new game Metal Gear Solid 4. The announcement was publishe

Video: The most awkward moments of Metal Gear Solid Another Fr

Metal Gear Solid 4 gets rare perfect score from Famitsu magazine

See? Four 10s Metal Gear Solid 4 has received a perfect score from lauded Japanese gaming mag Famitsu. Yes, the game with the horribly long cutscenes got a 40/40, joining the ranks of The Legend of Ze

Video: Slew of Metal Gear Solid 4 videos, some exclusive Apparently this is a spoiler video, so I’ll have to abstain from commenting on it. Watch at your own risk. The two videos I’ve paste

CrunchArcade: MGS 4: 90-minute cutscenes, 4.6GB HDD install

Here’s some fodder for the entertaining yet utterly pointless console wars. It seems, according to one lonely photo posted on Flickr, that Metal Gear Solid 4 requires a 4.6GB hard drive install.

CrunchArcade: The most in-depth MGS 4 feature you'll ever read

Edge, the expensive yet professionally unmatched British gaming mag, calls Metal Gear Solid 4 “a bang of a finale, not a whimper.” High praise that should put to end any “but will th