• Behind The Scenes At The New York Tech Meetup (TCTV)

    Since launching in 2004, the New York Tech Meetup has mushroomed to more than 17,000 members, making it the largest MeetUp in the world. Once a month the community pours into the Skirball Center on NYU’s campus to network and watch nascent companies demo their products. Companies who’ve taken center stage in the past include Tumblr and Foursquare. Paid tickets are quickly snapped… Read More

  • MessageParty (The Remix): A New Service For Location-Based Blogging

    Back in August of last year we wrote about MessageParty, a new location-based chat service that let you exchange messages with people (even strangers) located nearby. But that didn’t really work out — outside of a few random events, there was never a high enough density of messages for people to really interact with each other. So today the company is announcing that… Read More

  • YC-Funded MessageParty Ties Location With Chat Rooms

    With the rise of GPS-enabled smartphones, developers are eager to integrate location-based functionality into whatever they can. So it’s no surprise when MessageParty, a Y Combinator company that’s launching this week, says that it’s looking to tie location with chat rooms to let you communicate with the people around you in real-time. You can download the company’s… Read More