Mesosphere And Microsoft Bring Mesos To Windows Server

Mesosphere, the company that aims to build a container-centric "operating system for the data center" based on the Apache Mesos project, is giving the first public demo of Mesos running on the preview

Mesosphere’s Datacenter Operating System Lands On Microsoft Azure And AWS

Mesosphere's mission to build a container-centric service that allows developers to treat a data center with all of its various servers as a single entity is starting to come to fruition. Today, the c

Mesosphere Launches Elastic Mesos, Makes Setting Up A Mesos Cluster A 3-Step Process

<a target="_blank" href="">Mesosphere</a>, a startup that focuses on developing Mesos, a technology that makes running complex distributed applications easier, is launching <a ta

Mesosphere Adds Docker Support To Its Mesos-Based Operating System For The Data Center

<a target="_blank" href="">Mesos</a> is an open source project that helps developers manage server clusters more efficiently while providing resource isolation. It's currently