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  • For Sale. Buy It And Risk A Lawsuit From Twitter.

    Last summer, we wrote about the launch of, a Tweetmeme knock-off with a killer name. Mesiab Labs, a company associated with some spammy Twitter projects like Hummingbird, launched it in August with some fanfare. However, since then, Tweetmeme has remained the king of the space. And now Mesiab Labs has put the killer domain up for auction. As you can see on this Flippa page, the… Read More

  • Launches, Sure Looks A Lot Like TweetMeme, a TweetMeme challenger put together by Mesiab Labs (the startup behind notorious Twitter spam software program Hummingbird), has made its online debut after teasing the Twitterati with an announcement and landing page a couple of weeks ago. You may remember that immediately after coming out of the woodworks, TweetMeme was already threatening Mesiab Labs with a lawsuit… Read More