• Sony-Backed Mesh Sensor Kit Looks To The Crowd

    Sony-Backed Mesh Sensor Kit Looks To The Crowd

    After crowdfunding a minimalist e-paper smartwatch last year, another Sony-backed ‘special project’ is currently passing a donations bowl around on Indiegogo — as the electronics giant continues to try to nurture new ideas via an internal seed acceleration program. And by allowing the employees working on these internal projects to seek external crowd-support for their ideas. Read More

  • Open Garden Gets Google Glass To Connect To Its Mesh Network, Asks Google To Make It Available To All

    Open Garden Gets Google Glass To Connect To Its Mesh Network, Asks Google To Make It Available To All

    Open Garden, the San Francisco-based startup that allows Android, Windows and Mac users to create mesh networks between their devices to share Internet connections, today announced that it has managed to get Google Glass to connect to its network. This matters because Glass users typically need a tethering plan to connect to the Internet (which is pretty much essential to using Glass). Those… Read More

  • Keen On… with Lisa Gansky: Denies she's a communist (TCTV)

    Lisa Gansky has always been early. She was early in 1993 when, with Tim O’Reilly and Dale Dougherty, she co-founded the first commercial website Global Network Navigator (GNN) and then, as CEO, sold it to AOL in 1995. And she was early when, in 1999, she co-founded the photography sharing website ofoto and then, as CEO, sold it to Kodak in 2001. And now Gansky is early in recognizing… Read More

  • Feeder's Digest

    Now that Facebook has jumped into the activity stream, how long will it be before major platform vendors do the same? Google seems strangely quiet except for a few retracted comments from Eric Schmidt about Twitter being a poor man’s email. Speaking of poor man’s email (aren’t we all these days) Microsoft has taken a huge chunk out of Notes engagements with its on-demand… Read More

  • Microsoft Rumored To Add Mobile Devices to Live Mesh With SkyBox

    It looks like Microsoft is finally ready to roll out the mobile version of Windows Live Mesh, it data syncing service that competes with Apple’s MobileMe (which ran into problems at launch). Live Mesh was first announced last April, and currently only supports Windows PCs and a Webtop in the cloud. Mac and mobile versions are shown to be “coming soon.” Tom Warren at… Read More

  • Sharpcast Raises $10 Million In Down Round For File Syncing

    Sharpcast has raised a $10 million round from existing investors Sigma Partners, Draper Fisher Jurvetson and Selby Venture. This brings the total raised to $26.5 million. Sharpcast offers file-syncing through its SugrarSync service, which syncs data across multiple devices and the cloud. Syncing is becoming a serious technology trend as people split up their digital lives across devices… Read More

  • The Battle for Microsoft's Soul

    So much of this long protracted struggle for political change has rubbed off on the tech community. In the partisan windup to this long election process, we’ve become almost inured to the fact that as much as things will continue to be the same, already the “choice” between the two candidates has produced one sure thing. That is, either of the two candidates represents… Read More

  • Live Mesh Rolls Out P2P Storage

    The Live Mesh team at Microsoft announced today that P2P storage between Mesh nodes is now available in the latest client update. Previously storage on the Mesh worked by utilizing the 5GB allocated to each user on the central hosting platform at Microsoft. Users are now able to sync their files between connected nodes automatically. The new technology works by synching the files between… Read More

  • Building The Microsoft Mesh

    Microsoft has dominated the desktop market with Windows since the very first PC’s – a solid run of almost three decades. Despite a late start and some tactics that lead to a lengthy DOJ trial, Microsoft also has the majority of market share in the browser market with Internet Explorer. With the advent of smartphones, Microsoft released Windows Mobile and through device… Read More

  • Trackonomics

       Standard Podcast [95:39m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download Week Three of The Gillmor Gang on TechCrunch went as well as could be expected. After the reunion cattle call and last week’s Mesh interrogation of David Treadwell, the apparent news shifted back to the denouement of the Microsoft Yahoo acquisition,
    now amusingly being called a merger by the Wall Street Journal… Read More