• Watch BlackBerry unveil a brand new phone live right here

    Watch BlackBerry unveil a brand new phone live right here

    TCL, the company that now makes BlackBerry phones, is holding a press conference at MWC in Barcelona. The conference starts at 7 PM CET (6 PM GMT, 1 PM EST, 10 AM PST). We already got a sneak peek at the device during CES back in January. And it’s everything BlackBerry fans love — yes, I’m mostly talking about the physical keyboard. You can check it out live via… Read More

  • MAINGEAR Quantum Shift workstation eats Adobe CS5 for breakfast

    Maingear announced their latest today, the Quantum Shift workstation. Designed more for the content developer then the gamer, the Quantum Shift definitely brings the heat. Of course, you customize exactly how much power the Quantum Shift is packing, but it’s designed around Nvidia’s Quadro FX GPU technology. Read More

  • Sony takes the mercury out of alkaline batteries

    Sony, so far not known to be a particularly “green” tech company, has announced plans [JP] to commercialize a total of six different models of batteries that contain no mercury. The company said it’s the first that has found a way to mix absorbent raw material into the cathode, eliminating the need to use mercury in the button batteries. Read More

  • Man dies trying to extract gold from his PC

    Gold digger Credit crunch got you down? Looking for gold in all the wrong places, like, say, the innards of your computer? Don’t! Unless you want to die! A Tulsa man died last week (news travels fast…) as a result of mercury poisoning. He was trying to use the chemical to extract gold out of his computer parts. He accidentally inhaled the mercury, leading to his untimely… Read More