mercenaries 2

  • Obama, Palin featured as playable characters in EA's Mercenaries 2 The upcoming downloadable content (DLC) for Mercenaries 2 has two special characters that you’ll no doubt recognize. Yes, that’s Barack Obama and Sarah Palin running around the game’s battlefields with grenades, machine guns and rocket launchers. In some of the more violent moments, Obama throws a grenade into a tank, killing a man inside and… Read More

  • Free gas stunt has Electronic Arts in hot water

    Electronic Arts sure knows how to annoy people, especially unsuspecting British motorists. The publishing giant staged one of those “free gas” giveaways at the weekend in London to promote Mercenaries 2. (Specifically, EA was handing out free gas cards worth £40.) Needless to say, people freaked out, traffic became a mess, and a politician now wants an apology, calling the… Read More