Withings’ ScanWatch 2 arrives with temperature sensing

Withings introduced the original ScanWatch in Europe back in 2020, before bringing it to the U.S. the following year, with FDA-cleared features like atrial fibrillation (afib) detection. Announced tod

Cycle-focused femtech startup, 28, grabs backing from Thiel Capital

Meet 28: A U.S.-based femtech startup founded by a wife and husband team that’s scored $3.2 million in seed funding in a round led by Thiel Capital with a fitness and wellness pitch that aims to

LastPad is a reusable menstrual pad that does away with disposable towels

Direct to consumer online sales have helped a number of female-focused startups get products to market in recent years — often pitching better designed and generally more thoughtful feminine hyg

Flex raises another $3 million to replace tampons

Flex, the tampon alternative you can wear during sex, has raised a $3 million seed round led by Vivek Ranadive’s new fund, Better Our World Capital, with participation from Cyan Banister of Foun

Flex, a tampon alternative you can wear during sex, just raised $1 million

The Flex Company, the makers of a disc-shaped tampon alternative, has raised $1 million from Y Combinator, Amplify.LA and several others and acquired menstrual disc competitor Softcup for an undisclos

Flex is a tampon alternative you can wear during sex

Things can get messy if you have sex on your period, so many couples avoid it. But The Flex Company wants to replace outdated pads and tampons with a sleek, disc-shaped blood blocker. Flex can be worn

‘Smart Menstrual Cup’ Looncup Deciphers Your Flow

I like to think I'm not squeamish about menstruation. I track my symptoms every month and am rarely hesitant to talk about periods with close (and even not so close) friends. I was still taken aback,