Nokia Chairman Risto Siilasmaa backs machine learning startup

Aito, a Helsinki-based machine learning startup that is developing “predictive database” technology, has raised €1 million in pre-seed funding, including from Nokia Chairman Risto Siilas

Bespoke Post Raises $850K From Great Oaks, 500 Startups & Others For Its Subscription-Based “Box Of Awesome” For Men

<a id="" target="_blank" href="">Bespoke Post</a>, a subscription-based e-commerce startup offering a hilariously titled "Box of Awesome" (<a id="" href="

Thrillist’s JackThreads Hits 2 Million Members, Plans To Move Beyond Flash Sales

<a href="">JackThreads</a>, the members-only shopping club bought by men's lifestyle brand <a href="">Thrillist</a> two years

Shock: Men are loathe to read instruction manuals, women have no such qualms

<img src="" />So I was browsing Pravda, as I do from time to time, when I stumbled upon this <i>fascinating</i> story. It seems that wo

Swedish women more frustrated by computers than men

A recent survey by Swedish computer magazine PC för Alla, (PC for Everyone) reportedly found that women get more frustrated than men over just about every aspect of computers and using the Web. While

1 in 8 Dudes Would Rather Have A Gadget Than A Chick

Conducted by some group called GFK NOP, a bunch of people were interviewed on whether or not they’d swap love for gadgets. Well it turns out that us guys are total bastards after all (big surpri