• Lightening the cognitive load Crunch Network

    Lightening the cognitive load

    A longtime colleague and friend of mine used to love to say  “Let’s just make this easy for them” whenever we discussed an upcoming meeting. I think I winced the first few times I heard it. It didn’t seem like much of a negotiation strategy… at least, that is, until he helped me appreciate how powerful it can be to manipulate “cognitive load.” Read More

  • MIT Researchers Train An Algorithm To Predict How Boring Your Selfie Is

    MIT Researchers Train An Algorithm To Predict How Boring Your Selfie Is

    Researchers at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab (CSAIL) have created an algorithm they claim can predict how memorable or forgettable an image is almost as accurately as a human — which is to say that their tech can predict how likely a person would be to remember or forget a particular photo. Read More

  • Facebook Now Helps You Get Rid Of ‘Memories’

    Facebook Now Helps You Get Rid Of ‘Memories’

    If you’ve ever seen the movie “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” then you’re familiar with the concept of proactively scrubbing certain memories from your brain. Things that you record online constantly spark our memories, and there are even services that do it on purpose. Timehop and Google Photos have elements of it and so does Facebook’s “On This… Read More

  • Timehop Brings Its Mobile Time Machine To Android

    Timehop Brings Its Mobile Time Machine To Android

    Timehop, the mobile app offering a way to recall your past one day at a time by displaying your old photos and posts from Facebook, Instagram, Foursquare and Twitter, is now launching its service on Android. The app, for those unfamiliar, is a simple service that lets you look back on what happened on this day last year, and the year prior, and so on. It’s a “this day in… Read More

  • Memoir, A “Google Now” For Photo Memories, Is An App That Helps You Remember The Past

    Memoir, A “Google Now” For Photo Memories, Is An App That Helps You Remember The Past

    Thanks to the ubiquitous spread of smartphones, and the ease of photo-taking they bring, our photo galleries have become filled with what are almost like disposable memories – we snap and share, but then never return and reminisce. New York-based Memoir, a new app launching today on iOS first, wants to change that by offering a way to time travel through your past, allowing you to… Read More

  • Tamatebako: Fujitsu's self-destruct USB memory finally goes on sale (in Japan)

    Do you remember the cool “self-destructing” USB drive Fujitsu teased back in April last year? The device, which offers timed data deletion to prevent unauthorized access, was shown on both Fujitsu Japan’s and Fujitsu America’s website, and today the company in Tokyo finally [JP, PDF] named, spec’d and dated it for end consumers. Read More

  • New Sandisk WORM cards write once, read for 100 years

    Sandisk has created a new line of write once, read many SD cards, mainly intended for law enforcement. I suppose you could use one for taking pictures of grandma, but I don’t really see the point for personal use. Well, maybe for weddings and graduations and such, but part of the attraction of digital cameras is that you can erase pictures without worrying about it. Read More

  • Before and after

    At some point we’ll probably just ingest our memory cards. via Reddit Read More

  • Lexar announces new 600x Compact Flash cards

    Lexar announced their new 600x compact flash cards today. It’s not unexpected that the faster speed memory cards are coming out, given the UDMA requirements of cameras like the Canon 7d. Read More

  • Xbox 360 with 512MB of internal storage spotted

    Eagle-eyed citizens have spotted a new revision of the Xbox 360, one with 512MB of built-in storage. Pictures of the 360, a Japanese Arcade model, were posted to the Xbox Hacker forums. Read More

  • Twisty memory from NIST

    This flash memory from the National Institute of Standards and Technology is completely flexible and can fit under human tissue or against organs and that can scan and report back on your health status. The best part? They did a little video with dancing people in it. The memory can also act as a “memristor,” leading to possible implementations in artificial intelligence and… Read More

  • Study shows playing RTS games keeps old brains healthy

    Good news for older gamers: that secret desire to rush your enemies’ base can be healthy! A study published in the medical journal Psychology & Aging shows that playing games like Rise of Nations and other real-time strategy titles can actually help elderly gamers maintain or improve their ability to reason, and help them with short term memory. To me, this seems like a great thing. Read More

  • Sharp unveils LCD panel with integrated memory function

    Sharp has developed LCD screens with a memory function that makes it possible to save the displayed content after the power supply is cut off. A number of prototypes (in 1.7-, 2.4-, 6.1- and 14.1-inch sizes) was showcased at the FPD International 2008 show in Tokyo, with just the two small versions being in color. Sharp sees its screens as a possible new alternative to e-paper, to be used… Read More

  • Lexar unveils DDR3 memory with, get this, LEDs!

    Computer components bedazzled with LEDs seem to indicate speed in the same way that stickers on the back of rice-burners do. So with that fact in mind, the Lexar Crucial Ballistix Tracer DDR3 memories with LEDs highlighting the memories activities must be super fast. I kid, I kid as the PC3-10600 DDR3-1333MHz memory shouldn’t be sluggish by any means. The modules will be available in… Read More

  • Kingston launching new DDR3 memory for the gaming crowd

    Gaming nerds that demand the latest and greatest might want to take a closer look at Kinston’s latest memory. Dubbed HyperX, the memory company claims that these are the fastest DDR3 memory units made to date with a 2GHz speed and feature CL9-9-9-27 @ 1.9 volts over the 2GB pair. These memory modules have launched in the States with a $227 MSRP and are shipping right now. Go my… Read More

  • Samsung gets serious about SanDisk buyout, proposes $26/share

    Mockup Looks as if those rumors of a Samsung buyout were true after all. The board of directors at SanDisk were sent the following proposal to swoop the memory manufacturer at $26 per share, cash. The letter states that SanDisk investors would see a 93 percent premium based on the surge SanDisk’s stock saw when it was first reported that Samsung was interested. And it basically goes on… Read More

  • Kingston's cute little SD pack is very practical

    I like devices that use SD. Not only is it cheap and easy to find, but it’s easy to adapt. SD, MiniSD, and MicroSD by all rights should be a nightmare to deal with, but with a couple cheap pieces of plastic (much like the cards themselves) makes things as easy as cake. You’ve got your microSD for your phone, a miniSD adapter for what have you, and an SD adapter for cameras… Read More

  • Lexar bumps capacity of JumpDrive Secure II Plus up to 16GB

    Last week, Lexar updated the tiny Firefly flash drive to 16GB and today the outfit announced the Secure II Plus line availability too. This model forgoes the diminutive size in favor of a 256-bit AES encryption and an external capacity meter. Either way you go, tiny size or government-level security, the two 16 GB options sport the same MSRP: $99.  via PR Read More

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