Google Photos adds a scrapbook-like Memories view feature aided by AI

Google Photos is introducing a new way to relive and share your most memorable moments with the introduction of a new Memories view, launching today to U.S. users. The feature lets you save your favor

Google Photos adds 3D ‘Cinematic’ photos, plus new Memories and collages

Google Photos is rolling out a series of updates to its Memories feature, which surfaces your best photos from years past. Over the next month, Memories will be expanded to include 3D Cinematic photos

Google Photos adds a time-traveling version of Stories, plus more sharing and printing options

Google Photos is getting its own version of Stories. But instead of focusing on what you’re doing now, as Stories on other platforms like Instagram and Snapchat offer, Google Photos is adopting

Instagram’s archive feature goes live, letting you hide photos indefinitely

Last month we noted that Instagram was testing a new feature called “archive”, which lets users hide any of their posts from anyone else – either permanently or indefinitely. Today t

Snapchat will no longer show a white border around old Memories

Snapchat will no longer show that annoying white border around old photos that you share from Memories. Previously, if you shared a photo from Memories that was more than 24 hours old it would have a

Mylestone lets you access your personal memories through Alexa

What if our photographs and social media updates could be turned into memories we – or our children – could later access just by asking a virtual assistant, like Amazon’s Alexa? That

Former Facebook engineers launch Fabric, an automated personal journal of your life

Technology has made it simple to record and archive our digital memories through posts, snapshots, videos and more, but it can sometimes be a struggle to surface our past – our memories, acti

Google Maps gets multi-stop directions and vacation memories on mobile

Google is bringing long awaited multi-stop directions to mobile with its new summer update. Travelers can now hit as many tourist traps as they want on their cross country treks. Just like in the web

Facebook Now Helps You Get Rid Of ‘Memories’

If you’ve ever seen the movie “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” then you’re familiar with the concept of proactively scrubbing certain memories from your brain. Things th

Feeling Nostalgic? Shoebox Lets You Scan Old Photos With Your Phone, Update Your Family Tree

<a target="_blank" href="">Shoebox</a>, the mobile photo archiving app <a href="

Don’t Just Post, Create: Irrive Debuts Collaborative Social Scrapbooks

Joining a new group of companies looking to build services on the backs of users' social networks, <a target="_blank" href="">Irrive</a> is debuting its social scrapbooking web