CrunchDeals: A Memorex Blu-Ray Player For $84

Always wanted to get behind an obsoleting optical standard? Don’t want to buy a PS3? Here’s your chance to get a sub-$100 Blu-Ray player from Woot!

Double CrunchDeal: Blu-ray player for $149, 1GB Sansa Express mp3 player (refurb) for $11

Avoid the stampede at Walmart next Friday by picking up that Memorex Blu-ray player for $149 at (free shipping, too). While you’re at it, you can also get the first-gen iPod Shuffle-like San

CrunchDeals: Memorex Blu-ray Player on Woot

Quick. Hurry! FAST! Woot has a hella good deal today on a Memorex Blu-ray player but it will only be available ’till the end of the day or it sells out. Best of all, you don’t have to wait

$269 MVBD-2510 Blu-ray player coming from Memorex

Who cares if the first Memorex Blu-ray player lacks the latest key feature? The MVBD-2510 might not be a Profile 2.0 player, and therefore not able to do BD-Live, but the MSRP is $269. At that price,

Memorex adds Essential TravelDrive portable storage drives in four fugly colors

Today in Cerritos, California, Memorex announced their 2.5-inch portable storage devices dubbed the Essential TravelDrive in 160, 250 and 320GB capacities. Other than the fugly colors that are “vibr

Memorex M-Flyer Pilot Gets Refreshed, Still A USB Drive

My favorite part of the M-Flyer Pilot—part of Memorex’s TravelDrive line of USB flash drives—is that its USB connector is retractable. In fact, that’s its most exciting feature, though it

Memorex To Public: Quit Huffing Our Products

I know kids will ingest a lot of dumb stuff, but I didn’t know cans of air duster were on the list. It is an aerosol-based product though, and Memorex, makers of the Air Duster line of compresse

Memorex Mi3500 iPod Boombox: Pricey, But Not Bad

Sure, there are lots of iPod boomboxes on the market, and we love them all equally (not really). Take, for example, this new Mi3005 from Memorex (remember them?). Running on a handful of D batteries,