• Memeo Connect 2.0 Makes GDrive A Reality

    Back in January, we wrote about the launch of Memeo Connect — a nifty application that debuted alongside the Google Docs ‘upload any file‘ feature. The application makes it easy to sync documents between your computer’s desktop and Google Docs account, but Memeo says that version 1.0 didn’t match their full vision (they were trying to get the product out the door… Read More

  • Memeo Is Bringing A Google Docs Reader To The iPad

    This Saturday, Apple will be releasing the iPad to the masses, and you can be sure that one of the first things people will do when they get their hands on the device is explore what awaits them on the App Store. For anyone who regularly uses Google Docs in the workplace, one of the most appealing apps is likely going to be Memeo’s Connect Reader, which will allow users to download… Read More

  • Memeo Connect Launches, Brings Desktop Sync To Google Apps

    Last week, Google announced a new feature for Google Docs that may be the closest thing to the fabled GDrive that we may ever get: the ability to upload and store any kind of file to your Google Docs account. This is a big deal, because it allows you to use Google as a storage service for the first time. But Google only went half way — they let you store the documents, but they… Read More

  • The Help Key: Back The Frak Up

    <img src=", the situation was particularly dire.) Since then I’ve been very “don’t let this happen to you” when I talk to people about backing up their files. The number of digital media files alone on my computer skyrocketed over the past few years and to lose that stuff would be devastating. You… Read More

  • Memeo AutoBackup Hits 2.0

    We don’t usually write about software here, and definitely nothing as dry as backup utilities, but screw it, this stuff is good and it deserves to be mentioned. Memeo AutoBackup just got a full upgrade to version 2.0. I’ve been using it for about a year and it’s the most brain-dead simple software for backing up your computer. Once you pick the files you want to… Read More