Hands-on video with the Sharp PC-Z1

This teeny, tiny little laptop is really teeny. It almost unusable and, as to be expected from Japanese laptops like these, not really meant for the Shrek-like Western mitts. The woman who showed it t

Acer thinking about an App Store, maybe an App Boutique?

Acer, a company whose proud tradition of smartphone engineering has wrought nothing you can particularly remember right now, is planning its own App Store, an odd prospect considering most of its smar

Student's Kindle coming soon

<img src="">Prime View International, maker of electrophoretic displays AKA epaper makes the screens for Amazon's Kindle 2. That much we

Palm Pre appears on Palm UK site

Everybody panic! The Palm Pre is now live on Palm’s UK site which means that the Palm Pre will come out in Europe! Maybe on Vodafone! Maybe RIGHT NOW! Go to your local shoppe, Britons!

Welcome to the Internet, home of Apple flash memory rumors

<img src=""><a HREF="

Smart Lighting brings it all back to 1999

Boston University, home of the Fightin’ Aristocrats, is working on “Smart Lighting” that includes LED lights and a optical networking adapter. Each light works as its own access poin

RIM to include AIM, AOL Mail, and ICQ on all smartphones

It must be hard on AOL – most of their customers have never been on the AOL site while folks with mail accounts are considered pariahs at best and fools at worst. That said, RIM is now o

Analysts sort of recommend iPhone for enterprise then go play golf

Gartner analyst Ken Dulaney wrote a report entitled “iPhone 2.0 Is Ready for the Enterprise, but Caveats Apply” and essentially stated: Enterprises should approach expanded use of the iPho

The Apple Store perhaps has leapt over the Selachimorpha

This is a rant. I was in Manhattan today and decided to stop by the Apple store on 5th Avenue, the Cube, as it is called, to pick up a 3G case. It was about 2:30pm, just after lunch. A simple plan: wa

Is this the PSP-3000?

This appears to be the PSP-3000, an updated PSP with built-in mic and a thinner metal ring. While I don’t mind the PSP, I think these constant updates make Sony look a little desperate. While th

Wired gets a hands-on with the iPhone 3G OS, not that impressive [Update]

Danny over at Wired managed to wrangle himself a first gen iPhone with iP3G software installed, which is pretty exciting, but it’s actually pretty ho-hum. Maybe a few of these things weren&#8217

Boy Genius rocks the Verizon BlackBerry Thunder

While we can’t report that Boy Genius isn’t a freak (“You all know the Thunder right? Well, looky looky who got a cookie. Yeah peoples, live shot of the BlackBerry Thunder right here

Viva Pinata could bring together DS, XBox 360 gamers

Mr. Miyamoto, tear down this wall! DS and 360 gamers may soon be united by their hatred of Viva Pinata: Trouble In Paradise, a game that simulates brain death. The game uses the 360’s camera to

Rejoice! Rolly now available at U.S. Sony stores

Sony’s game-changing robotic dancing turd. This is actually kind of funny. I did a search for Rolly on and up popped the movie Suicide Club. Could this be a sign that the Rolly is

HP launching teen PCs

Hey, Bro! HP is launching some gnarly teen PCs and they’ll be cold lamping in the house with sexy new designs. Ameer Karim, directory of HP’s future and innovations group, announced the ne

Apple: Lying liars or people who lie?

This is the after shot… iTunes Turns Five is a special iTunes section dedicated to celebrating the fifth birthday of iTunes. Fair enough. We had a Thomas the Tank Engine cake for my son, they ha

BenQ T60 slim cell

And here I thought BenQ went belly-up. Apparently they’re still churning out phones, however, because here’s the slim T60 with SD card slot and 24MB of internal memory for audio and video.

WIMAX may interfere with satellite communications

I doubt this will really effect us non-evil mastermind types, but WIMAX use frequencies that could interfere with satellite communications, rendering some services unusable. While I’m sure the W

Microsoft planning mobile Zune store, new players

Hey, you. Yeah. Guy with the Zune. Come over here. You’re getting a mobile download store and some third generation hardware coming out. For the rest of us, the Zune is Microsoft’s MP3 pla

Ballmer on iPhone SDK: Who knows?

Steve squeezes out a SBDlight. Steve Ballmer was surprisingly candid — yet still fairly quiet — about Microsoft’s plans to port Silverlight to the iPhone. He basically said “Ye
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