New Zealand High Court upholds Kim Dotcom extradition ruling

Kim Dotcom, founder of Mega and Megaupload, has suffered another defeat in court. In the latest ruling, New Zealand High Court judge Murray Gilbert upheld an earlier decision finding that Dotcom and b

Kim Dotcom Is Not Involved With Mega Anymore, Plans To Build Yet Another Cloud Storage Service

Kim Dotcom revealed in an interview on Slashdot that he is no longer involved with Mega -- he isn't working for the company anymore, but he also doesn't own any shares of Mega. Dotcom also said that y

Kim Dotcom Claims He Invented Two-Factor Authentication, Has A Patent To Prove It

Oh, Kim Dotcom. You just never stop surprising us. Just hours after Twitter finally rolled out its long-awaited Two-Factor authentication, the Megaupload founder is claiming to have invented the en

Kim Dotcom Makes Another Plea For Legal Relief As U.S., UK, Canada Attorneys General Converge Down Under

Kim Dotcom and his legal team are seizing the moment of a <a target="_blank" href="">meeting</a> of attorneys general from the U.S., UK, Canada, Au

Kim Dotcom’s Mega Opens For Early-Access Users, Reveals Pricing Tiers, Roadmap With Mobile Access, IM, Office-Style Features

Leading up to the launch of Kim Dotcom's latest effort, <a target="_blank" href="">Mega</a>, today the company opened the site up to its first early-access users. It's also publis

Kim Dotcom To Host Mega’s Launch Event At His New Mega Zealand Mansion Next Month

Kim Dotcom doesn't do things small. The man behind the Megaupload empire is about to launch his next service dubbed simply Mega. But don't expect a simple press event in a hotel conference room. Nope,

New Zealand Prime Minister Apologizes To Kim Dotcom As Megaupload Nears Relaunch

"Headlines from Britain to Malaysia, France to China, Germany to Brazil, Australia to the US. An apology can go a long way," said Kim Dotcom <a target="_blank" href="

Watch out, RIAA: Kim Dotcom Is Back And Teasing Megaupload’s Upcoming Music Service, Megabox

Megaupload will not be stopped. After a dramatic take-down followed by an anticlimactic trial, Kim Dotcom is quickly rebuilding the Megaupload empire. <a target="_blank" href="

Megaupload’s Kim Dotcom Released On Bail, Perhaps Never To Be Seen Again

When <a href="">Megaupload</a> founder Kim Dotcom and several others in the organization were <a href="

More MegaUpload Fallout As BitTorrent Search Engine BTjunkie Calls It Quits

<a href="">BTjunkie</a>, a popular BitTorrent search service, has been <a href="">'voluntarily'<

Pirate Parties Organizing Lawsuit Against FBI Over Megaupload Takedown

<a href="">The Megaupload troubles</a> make for interesting discussion because there is much to be said on both sides. Whether the illegal aspects of the network

Kim Dotcom Denied Bail In New Zealand Court

The <a href="">Megaupload saga</a> continues. Kim Dotcom, Megaupload's mega founder, was just <a href="">denied bail<

Was Megaupload Targeted Because Of Its Upcoming Megabox Digital Jukebox Service?

Last Thursday the US Justice Department <a href="">came down hard on Megaupload</a> and its mega founder, Kim Dotcom. In t

Megaupload Bust Causes Cyberlocker Panic – But It’s Only Temporary

Oh god! <a href="">Megaupload has fallen</a> and its brethren are dropping like flies! The age of the cyberlocker is passi

With MegaUpload Down, Who’s Next? RapidShare? SoundCloud? DropBox?

Every digital locker service and file linking website is on notice now that <a href="">MegaUpload</a> and TVShack are down

Downfall: Photos Of MegaUpload Founder’s Valuable Cars Getting Seized

The shit really hit the fan over at <a href="">massively popular</a> file hostin

Megaupload Taken Down On Piracy Allegations

Popular file-hosting site Megaupload, probably known to our readers for a variety of reasons, has been taken down <a href="