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  • Mega Man’s Creator Turns To Kickstarter To Fuel His New Game (Which Looks A Whole Lot Like Mega Man)

    Mega Man’s Creator Turns To Kickstarter To Fuel His New Game (Which Looks A Whole Lot Like Mega Man)

    It’s becoming almost formulaic: An iconic game designer, backed by a legion of dedicated fans, turns to Kickstarter to allow them to break out on their own. The latest gaming giant to turn to the crowd is Keiji Inafune, creator of Mega Man. In news that probably comes to the delight of his fans (but presumably not his former bosses), his new game looks and sounds a whole lot like Mega Man. Read More

  • Mega Man Keychains, Part Deux

    Back in February, we saw some great little Mega Man keychain things. At the time, I questioned their practical value, though being Mega Man related, they have great inherent value. That is still the case, and this new set of Rockman robots would be a great… something, for somebody. I can’t get any more specific than that. You have to buy the whole $36 set, and there are some… Read More

  • 8-Bit Mega Man Straps Serve No Purpose; Buy Them Anyway

    What would you do with these little straps? Attach them to your cell phone? Hang them from nails on your Mega Man shrine? Keep them in a secret drawer or maybe under your pillow? Use your imagination. You can’t buy just one, though: ~$44 gets you eight, and there are apparently nine in the set. And you might get duplicates? What the hell? I don’t know. All I know is it’s… Read More

  • Get Equipped With Mega Man E-Tank Mug

    I always wondered what was in those things. Mega Man must have been wired 24/7. No wonder he could jump so high! $9 at ThinkGeek. Samus has these, too. But why can’t she just get an espresso machine attachment for her suit? [via TinyCartridge and Go Nintendo] Read More

  • In Honor Of The Nintendo’s 25th Anniversary: A Few Of Our Favorite NES Games

    It’s hard to believe that it’s been 25 years since the original Nintendo Entertainment System came out. Perhaps the object of more nostalgia than anything else from that period, the NES helped define a generation and primed us for a life in which gaming was more than a way to pass an idle half hour. In honor of the classic console’s 25th birthday, we’re briefly… Read More

  • Mega Man Universe Trailer Shows 2.5D Mega Man

    I expressed some hope a while back, after seeing what appeared to be a teaser image for a 3D Mega Man, that Capcom would grace us with a version of the game for the 3DS. That hasn’t been ruled out, but this Mega Man Universe thing is… less exciting, and confusing. Read More

  • Please let this be a teaser image for a 3DS Mega Man game

    Mighty Capcom, hear my prayer. Please, please, please make a 2.5D Mega Man game for the 3DS with lots of quick weapon switching on the bottom screen, sweet Mega Man X style graphics on the top screen, and the same punishing difficulty of Mega Man 9. Please make this game by Holiday 2010. Also, we could use a new Strider. Amen. [image via The Mega Man Network and Go Nintendo] Read More

  • Awesome Mega Man hoodie

    Deviant Art user bmansnuggles aka Brendon Phillips just posted a great looking Mega Man hoodie concept. This reminds us of the Batman hoodie we posted a while back, minus the see through mesh eye holes. The comments for the Mega Man hoodie was overwhelmingly positive, with one user saying “it made [him] wet in the pants” when he saw it. Who knows if it will ever hit product. Read More

  • Retro Mega Man 10 commercial – complete with V-Hold issues

    The whole time I was watching this Mega Man 10 fauxmercial, I was thinking “something about this is wrong.” And yes, it’s all wrong, of course, but specifically… it’s 16:9. Man, there ain’t no NES commercials in 16:9! [via Reddit] Read More

  • Here, waste some time: Top 10 Worst Mega Man Robot Masters While the voiceover is a little, how you say, annoying, the video is actually quite funny. I haven’t played Mega Man in years, actually, so I missed most of these guys. There was actually a Clown Man? Plant Man? Seriously? Read More

  • If Mega Man 8-bit Deathmatch isn’t the greatest thing of all time, it’s really really close

    Apparently this has been in development for quite some time, as a mod for a modern port of Doom called Skulltag. It allows you to play as any of the 48 robot masters from the first six Mega Man games. Unfortunately, while you’ll fire the weapons associated with the boss (metal blades, cut boomerangs, etc), they won’t have their respective effects on other guys — they’re… Read More

  • Oh my GOD it's Mega Man 10!

    Sweet fancy Moses. Nintendo Power (naturally) has the scoop on Mega Man 10, the next old-school WiiWare game starting everyone’s favorite blue robot. I like how this breaks on the same day Yahtzee takes Nintendo to task for rehashing the same games over and over again — and a week after I criticized them for breaking news via their own propaganda machine. Hey, I’m… Read More

  • Mega Man 2.5D: Holy wow

    This is a new trailer for Mega Man 2.5D, a new version of the classic Mega Man currently in the works. It’s being built by designer Peter Sjostrand and looks like 15 pounds of amazing. Read More

  • Mega Man II for iPhone: it sucks

    How to kill buzz: After releasing an excellent retro-remake (say Mega Man 9), offer a poorly-ported version of perhaps the series’ most treasured game. Let’s just look at the basics, here. In porting a game from the original system, you might want to consider whether said system had a joystick or a D-pad, and then use that. I guess Capcom felt this was a better solution. Not to… Read More

  • DIY Megaman koozies turn cans into ‘E’ tanks

    What’s your “E” in the morning? Is it liquid? Powder? Just high on life? If it’s liquid and it comes in a can, maybe you’d be doing everyone (including yourself) a favor by knitting up some Megaman E-tank koozies. You’ll help yourself by keeping your hands warm and dry while your favorite bevarine stays cold and you’ll help those around you by showing… Read More

  • Mega Man: The Movie

    It’s not exactly the star treatment I’ve always wanted for the Blue Bomber (budget: zero), but hey, it’s a Mega Man feature film and that’s what we call advancing the human race. To be honest, I’d probably prefer a full-production animation based on the NES sprites, along the lines of Kings of Power 4 Billion %. More info on the movie here and hi-rez trailer here.
    Read More

  • DIY: Mega Man Costume

    Remember the Mega Man Blaster that great dad made for his son’s Halloween costume. Yeah, the entire costume is done now and up on Instructables with DIY instructions. The jump suit and helmet doesn’t look that hard to build, but the Mega Blaster isn’t something you can put together last minute – say, today. Still, it’s never to early too start planning for next… Read More

  • Mega Man energy drink coming soon to Japan

    The title pretty much says it all. There will be a new energy drink on the market in Japan and it’ll be called “Rockman E Can Drink”. Mega Man is known as Rockman in Japan. It’ll cost around $1.25 per can, which is almost 140 Yen.  Now let’s all sit back, relax, and watch this kid play the Tomahawk Man Theme from Mega Man 6 on the piano. That’s some… Read More

  • Mega Man 9 to be released on WiiWare, PSN, and XBLA

    There we go. Was that so hard? Was it so hard to make a totally awesome Mega Man game and then release it on all three consoles at once? They are doing so many things so right here.
    1. Cross-platform love like never before
    2. Retro graphics like — before
    3. The Blue Bomber
    4. Robot dragons History will look kindly on Mega Man 9, which I’m hoping is going to be every bit as hard… Read More

  • Mega Man carved into a pumpkin

    This Halloween, take some time in between the Reeses and the Snickers to honor old-school gaming. May I suggest popping in a Mega Man 3 cartridge for the NES to honor this beautiful pumpkin? Keep in mind though, just because you have a Mega Man pumpkin, doesn’t mean you’ll make it past Gemini Man. And Now, A Megaman Pumpkin [Kotaku] Read More