Drowning In The Live Streams

Phones can make us jerks. They let us ignore friends, cancel plans last-minute, and annoy those around us in public. But this month, we got a whole new way to abuse our mobile devices. Unless we can m

Gillmor Gang: Happy Medium

The Gillmor Gang — Steven Levy, Erick Schonfeld, John Taschek, Keith Teare, and Steve Gillmor. Steve Jobs lives on in a new light, Periscope and Meerkat duel for attention, and Marc Benioff v. the s

Meerkat Strikes Back At Periscope With New Ways To Follow

With Twitter's much more polished live-streaming app Periscope now on the market, Meerkat needs to strengthen its own social graph to keep users from straying to its new competitor. So today Meerkat f

The Live Stream Goes Mainstream

In early 2011, <a href="">Skype bought</a> a mobile video startup called Qik, which had developed an app that let m

Meerkat Confirms It Raised A Round Led By Greylock, Josh Elman Joins Meerkat’s Board

Late last week, our own Jordan Crook <a href="">reported that Meerkat</a>, the trendy, Twitter-centr

Meerkat’s Ben Rubin To Join Us On TechCrunch Radio On Sirius XM Tonight

Tonight is a very special edition of our weekly TechCrunch Radio show, as we’ll be having Ben Rubin, CEO and cofounder of Meerkat, join us on the show to discuss what’s going on with his v

#Katch For Meerkat Auto-Uploads Streams To YouTube With A Hashtag

Buzzy live streaming video app du jour Meerkat does include an option to save your video once you've killed the stream -- but hey, in the slick environs of frictionless social broadcasting who has tim

Gillmor Gang: Meer Mortals

The Gillmor Gang — Dan Farber, Kevin Marks, Keith Teare, and Steve Gillmor. Meerkat the next shiny object, or the latest addition to the viral puzzle known as user experience in the enterprise and t

|LIVE NOW| Meerkat Raises $12M From Greylock At A $40M Valuation

If you’re reading TechCrunch right now (you are, by the way), chances are you have at least heard of Meerkat. You may even be simultaneously hoping that you don’t have to fall prey to the

13 TechCrunch Stories You Don’t Want To Miss This Week

Some of our staff spent the week in Austin TX reporting on anti-robot protests and drones that shoot both fire and silly string. But the news cycle rolls on with big announcements from Facebook, Tesla

At SXSW, Meerkat Beats McDonald’s At Cutting Through The Noise

If there's any one thing that stands out at SXSW this year, it's that it's getting harder for even mainstream corporations to rise above the marketing din. What was once called "spring break for geeks

Meerkat Now Lets You Easily Follow Users Via The Web

Live video broadcast app Meerkat is edging away from being so reliant on Twitter’s network to power its own: The company announced a new “light follow” feature that works via the web

The Weasel And The Woodpecker

Remember that picture of the weasel riding the woodpecker? It came to mind several times this weekend as I roamed the SXSW festival in Austin. Live streaming app Meerkat dominated the conversation at

Meerkat Roulette Is Chatroulette For Meerkat Because Meerkat

With <a target="_blank" href="">Meerkat Roulette</a>, the Internet has hit peak Meerkat. Yet the question remains, even with services being built like this, <a href="https:/

What Will Meerkat Do Without Twitter?

That’s the danger of building on someone else’s platform. You never know when they’ll pivot into your business and steamroll you. Last night, that happened to Meerkat. The livestream

Empathy Machines

The annals of live video are littered with cautionary tales. For every hype-driven social video startup that had a coming out party at South By Southwest, there is a matching tombstone. On The Talk Sh

CrunchWeek: Box’s Earnings, Apple’s Watch, And What The Hell Is Meerkat

CrunchWeek is back with a new face running the ship: Recent TechCrunch hire Sarah Lane was our captain this time around, joined by myself and Kyle Russell. We kicked over the most important stories of

|LIVE IN MAY| Meerkat Founder To Speak At Disrupt NY

Few apps have instantly captured the hearts, minds and eye-rolls of the tech scene like Meerkat. And to think Ben Rubin was building something else. The CEO of Life On Air was working on a private liv

The Race To Make Everyone A Livestreamer

One by one, technology has unlocked communication mediums for the masses. Ways of sharing once reserved for those in positions of influence with professional equipment are now open to everyone with a

Twitter Buys Live Streaming App Periscope

If you looked at this week’s sudden Meerkat phenomenon and thought “hey, Twitter should buy this,” then you’re on the right track. According to sources we’ve spoken with, Twitter has
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