Finland’s Jolla, maker of Sailfish OS, is trying to cut ties with Russia

Jolla, a Finnish startup that develops a mobile Linux-based alternative to Google’s Android which has had some take-up by the Russian government in the past, is looking to restructure its business t

Jolla hits profitability ahead of turning 10, eyes growth beyond mobile

Jolla, the Finnish startup behind the Sailfish OS, which formed almost a decade ago when a band of Nokia staffers left to keep the torch burning for a mobile Linux-based alternative to Google’s

Magic Leap goes to Finland in pursuit of Nordic VR and AR talent

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Jolla launches a community device program for its Sailfish mobile OS

Just when you thought Finnish mobile OS maker Jolla had given up on making its own hardware, given its recent financing troubles which led to it having to shutter a planned tablet, it gets back in the

Jolla Signs African OEM Mi-Fone To Sell Sailfish-Powered Handsets

Mobile OS maker Jolla, who with its Android alternative Sailfish has been trying to carve out a niche for a third platform in the smartphone space for the past five years, has announced it’s signed

Jolla Confirms The Sailfish Tablet Is Dead

Hardware is always hard. But if you're playing at the margins of a mobile ecosystem dominated by Android and iOS, well, it's best described as a bloodbath. To wit: Finland's Jolla, which makes its own

Hands On With Jolla’s First Phone — The “Spearhead Device” For Its MeeGo-Successor Sailfish OS

The first handset from Finnish smartphone startup Jolla is simply called Jolla. It launched last week, after around two years in the making. TechCrunch got hands-on with the device for a few hours at

Jolla’s Sailfish OS Now Android Compatible As MeeGo Startup Readies 2nd Pre-Sales Campaign To Tap Anti-Microsoft Sentiment

Jolla, the Finnish startup that's aiming to build a mobile ecosystem around its MeeGo-based OS, Sailfish, has announced the Sailfish OS is now compatible with the Android ecosystem -- on both a hardwa

MeeGo Startup Jolla Closes Pre-Sales Campaign For Its First Phone, Booking Orders Of Up To 50,000 Units

Jolla, the Finnish startup comprised of ex-Nokians that's building its own MeeGo-based smartphone platform and phone hardware has closed out a pre-sales campaign for the device it showed off in May. T

Jolla’s Software Chief Says Co-Creation Is What Makes The MeeGo Startup’s Phone Hardware So Special

Jolla has finally taken the wraps off the smartphone hardware that will be paired with its "unlike" Sailfish UI. Being a startup is challenging enough in any business sector but Jolla is seeking to co

Jolla Sends Out Press Invites To May 20 “Love Day” Event As It Gears Up To Unveil First Sailfish Handset

Finnish MeeGo startup Jolla has been trailing the launch of its first handset ever since it started work on its Sailfish UI back in 2012. Since then, Jolla has shown off its MeeGo-based Sailfish softw

Jolla Confirms It Will Show Its Debut Handset Next Month & Kick Off “Pre-Sales Campaign” To Take Payments From Fans Ahead Of 2H Launch

Jolla, the Finnish startup comprised of ex-Nokians who left to keep the MeeGo fire burning, has confirmed it will be showing off its first handset next month, and kicking off a "pre-sales" campaign to

Jolla Adds Sailfish SDK Installers For Windows, OS X, Linux To Push More Developers To Build Native Apps For Its MeeGo Platform

Jolla, the Finnish startup that carried the MeeGo torch out of Nokia in order to light a fire under its own smartphone OS: Sailfish, has taken the next step in its platform play, launching SDK install

MeeGo To MOOCs, Ex-Nokians Launch Eliademy To Put Education In The Cloud

Legend has it that <a target="_blank" href="">Anssi Vanjoki</a>, the ex-Nokia VP who many inside the company once thought would be its next CEO, used to r

Jolla Wants To Build A Foursquare Phone, A Facebook Phone — Whatever It Takes To Wake Smartphones From Their Android Slumber

Finnish startup Jolla is open for business. That’s the message CEO Marc Dillon was putting out, loud and clear, during two on stage appearances at the Mobile World Congress tradeshow in Barcelona la

MeeGo Mobile Startup, Jolla, Names COO As New CEO As It Preps For Sailfish OS Launch; Former CEO To Focus On “Sailfish Strategy”

Finnish mobile startup Jolla, which is building a new OS based on the MeeGo platform with a strong focus on China, has named a new CEO as it moves towards its first product launch ahead of the unveili

Jolla Confirms It Will Unveil Sailfish MeeGo-Based OS Next Month

Finnish mobile startup Jolla has announced it will be unveiling its forthcoming MeeGo-based mobile OS -- codenamed Sailfish -- at an event in Finland next month. It says it plans to demonstrate Sailfi

MeeGo Startup, Jolla, Zeroes In On China, Expects €200M Ecosystem Backing From Hong Kong Alliance

Jolla, the plucky Finnish mobile startup that's largely comprised of talent cast off by Nokia as it slimmed down its own software development operations (in favour of leaning on Microsoft's), has anno

MeeGo’s ‘Saviour’ Heads To China: Jolla Signs Deal With Chinese Retailer D.Phone

<a target="_blank" href="">Jolla Mobile</a> -- MeeGo's <a href="

Can Jolla Become MeeGo’s Saviour? CEO Plans Two Smartphones Already

It was almost a year ago in July that I jumped off the Tube at Oxford Circus in London's West End and wended my way deep into Soho to Nokia's chi-chi central London office. There, I sat down with a ha
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