• As IM Finally Begins To Open Up, Yahoo And Microsoft Cling To The Stone Age

    Last week Meebo and Facebook teamed to launch the first integration of Facebook Connect + Chat, allowing Meebo users to chat with their Facebook friends from the popular web-based IM service. The feature has had a rocky history: Meebo used an unsanctioned method to integrate Facebook Chat in December, then temporarily disabled it at Facebook’s request. And while many were quick to… Read More

  • IMO.IM Is The Best IM Web Service You've Never Heard Of

    With all the talk about Meebo adding support for Facebook chat yesterday, I took notice of a message in our tips inbox today about another instant messaging aggregator service that I’d never heard of before adding support for Skype chat. IMO.IM is its name, it’s still in alpha stage (whatever that means), and it’s actually pretty neat. First, the good. IMO.IM is simple… Read More

  • Meebo Community IM (Finally) Prepares To Open The Floodgates

    Meebo’s Community IM, which effectively offers websites a Facebook Chat-like messaging platform “in a box”, looks like it’s finally ready for the masses. The product was first unveiled last July, and has announced partnerships with over a dozen sites including Sugar Publishing, AddictingGames, and myYearbook. But until now it has been rolled out slowly, and is… Read More

  • Security Risks Force Meebo To Remove Unapproved Facebook Support

    Last month meebo, the web-based chat startup that supports nearly every IM protocol, announced that it had added support for both MySpace and Facebook Chat. Meebo’s post on the new features was a little strange – while they explicitly thanked “the folks at MySpace who encouraged and helped us to test and gave us their support”, there was no such mention of any support… Read More

  • What Was The Best Of The Web in 2008? A Voter's Guide For The Crunchies.

    Last night we released the finalist names for the Crunchies Awards. Vote here for who you think should win. We’ve set up a site that is pretty self-explanatory, with all of the names of each finalist for every category, along with links to their Websites and Crunchbase profiles where you can learn more about each one before voting. The Crunchies represents the best the Web had to offer… Read More

  • Meebo Passes IMs Between MySpace And Facebook

    MySpace and Facebook may be frenemies forever, but now they have a new mutual friend that will pass notes between them. Meebo, the Web-based IM service, now supports IM accounts from both social networks. That means you can enter your Facebook and MySpace account IDs into Meebo and the chat with friends from both social networks in one IM box. The integration will work on itself… Read More

  • Meebo chats its way to the Android platform

    It was only a few days ago that we tore into the 20 dollar IM+ application for being overpriced, buggy, and lacking anything that justified that 20 dollar price tag. At the tail-end of that review, we expressed our hopes that an IM app done right would come along soon. Enter Meebo for Android, brought to you by the same people behind the awesome browser-based IM application of the same name. Read More

  • Tweet the Vote. No, Digg The Vote. No, YouTube the Vote. Oh, . . . Just Vote.

    If you think there is too much noise about the U.S. election now, wait until next week. On Election Day, not only will every media outlet be covering the vote, but so will voters themselves who will have ample opportunity to Tweet, Digg, video, and IM the vote. Most of these “reports” will probably consist of people telling the world that “I’m voting!” or who… Read More

  • Flixster Launching Meebo Community IM Tonight

    We just received word that tonight at 9pm PT Flixster will roll out its integration of Meebo Community IM, which adds instant messaging-like chat functionality to any website. Out of 19 total launch partners, a couple more will push their implementations live over the next two weeks, then a large batch of partners will launch theirs in early 2009. We don’t have any word yet on which… Read More

  • 11 More Sites Plan to Add Meebo Community IM

    Meebo has disclosed that 11 more sites have committed themselves to integrating Community IM, its forthcoming out-of-the-box service that adds Facebook Chat-like instant messaging capabilities to the bottom of any website. The newest enlistements include Bleacher Report, Dhingana, Fanpop, GlobalGrind, IBeatYou, OrangeShark, PerfSpot,, Yaari, Zinch, and Zorpia. These join a set of… Read More

  • Exclusive Peek At Meebo's Upcoming Community Chat

    Instant messaging service Meebo has given us a demo of its upcoming “Community IM” platform, which allows websites to seamlessly integrate a browser-based chat window very similar to Facebook Chat. Meebo announced the upcoming community chat feature last July, with initial partners including DanceJam, myYearbook, AddictingGames, Sugar Publishing and Tagged. Flixster will be the… Read More

  • LiveBar Adds A Little Strip Of Community To Any Site

    LiveWorld is a publicly traded company that’s been around since 1996 and is best known for its white labeled social networks. These are online communities that LiveWorld helps clients build up around their existing brands, and they often take a good deal more time and effort to set up than communities created on top of self-service platforms like Ning or KickApps. However, LiveWorld… Read More

  • Meebo To Turn On Chat For Communities

    Instant messaging service Meebo announced a new product tonight called community Instant Messaging that will effectively provide “instant messaging in a box” to any site with a community. It will be a federated system, which means users can access friends on other meebo powered social networks, too. DanceJam, Flixster, myYearbook, Nickelodeon/MTVN Kids and Family Group’s… Read More

  • Skype 4.0 Beta: It's All About Video

    Skype is getting a major, much-needed upgrade: Skype 4.0. President Josh Silverman calls it the “biggest new release in Skype’s history.” The new software client, which which will be released here in beta tomorrow (for Windows only), takes up the whole screen. Video is front and center. “Our old UI was purpose-built for voice ,” Silverman tells me. (I put… Read More

  • It's Official: Meebo Raises $25 Million From Jafco, Time Warner and KTB

    Update on our post from earlier today – Meebo is now confirming that they have raised a $25 million third round of financing from Jafco Ventures, Time Warner Investments and KTB Ventures. Previous investors Sequoia Capital and Draper Fisher Jurvetson also participated. Meebo was looking for a buyer through their investment bank, Montgomery & Co., but moved to a fundraising round… Read More

  • Meebo Closes Big Funding Round

    Web chat startup Meebo has closed the funding round they’ve been working on with investment bank Montgomery & Co., a source tells us. Expect an announcement shortly. The best information we’ve been able to gather says the company raised $25 million or so on a $200 million valuation. Earlier this month they abandoned efforts to sell the company, focusing instead on raising… Read More

  • Blodget Says Facebook Is Only Worth $9 Billion, Hypothetically Speaking

    Putting a value on private companies is hard enough for insiders and venture capitalists who have full access to the company’s financial statements. When outsiders try to do it, even well-informed ones, it is nothing more than a guessing game. But it is nonetheless perhaps one of Silicon Valley’s favorite parlor activities. Today, Henry Blodget & Co. at Silicon Alley Insider… Read More

  • Meebo Can't Get Their Price, Goes For Fundraising Instead Of Sale

    Web chat startup Meebo has been working with investment bank Montgomery & Co. for the last few months to either find a buyer or raise a big new round of financing. The rumor was they were looking for a $250 million valuation. A couple of sources have told us that eBay, Fox/MySpace and AOL all took a long look at the company, but ultimately passed based on the price and the fact that… Read More

  • Is Meebo Worth Half a Slide?

    Investment banker Michael Montgomery has his chance to prove he’s still relevant in the tech banking world if this VentureBeat story is true. The rumor is that Meebo has hired Montgomery & Co. to represent them in a new fundraising round that may value the company at a cool $250 million. If they pull it off, they’ll set Meebo’s value at half of the $500 million Slide… Read More

  • AOL Gets It Right With Open AIM 2.0 – Embraces Meebo and eBuddy

    AOL is pushing their two year old OpenAim initiative much further this morning with OpenAIM 2.0. There are three key changes of note. First they are now embracing services that they previously tried to stop – multiheaded clients and websites that allow users to access all of the major instant messaging platforms in one place. These are desktop services like Pidgin (open source), Adium… Read More

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