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  • Hasselblad’s X1D puts other medium format cameras on notice

    Hasselblad’s X1D puts other medium format cameras on notice

    Back in June of last year, I previewed the Hasselblad X1D. Then, it was a pre-production model, which I had hoped would launch and become the powerful mirrorless medium format camera that it is now. Read More

  • Leaf Camera Back Hits 80MP, Is Not For You

    Some say that even full frame DSLRs aren’t as good as film, because they lack the resolution. That was true, and if you were a professional landscape photographer you used a medium or large format film camera. Leaf saw that the medium format film camera market really didn’t have a decent camera back, so they developed a 80 megapixel camera back. Read More

  • Mamiya announces two new DSLR cameras

    Mamiya announced two new DSLR cameras today, the DM22 and DM28. Pushing the megapixel wall again, DM22 is 22 megapixel, and the DM28 is, you guessed it, a 28 megapixel. Both cameras use the stock Mamiya lenses so if you are already a Mamiya shooter, you’re set. Read More

  • Leica comments on haters complaining about the price of the S2

    Leica is firing back over the criticism they’ve received lately about the price of their new flagship digital SLR, the S2. Internet pundits have rather, shall we say, catty about the price based on a rough glance at the specs, and Leica’s VP of marketing says that’s just not fair. Read More

  • Leica's S2 medium-format DSLR up close and personal

    For those pros out there working in print, medium format is king. Portable yet powerful, they can be deployed anywhere. With large but not crowded sensors, they provide excellent sharpness and color fidelity with reasonable exposure times. Of course, they do cost upwards of twenty grand. Leica’s S2 is an evolution of the medium format: a medium-format sensor in a DSLR body, a sort of… Read More

  • SLRs creeping up on medium formats quality-wise

    Big players like Leaf and Hasselblad had better do something soon, or Nikon and Canon will be doing more than nipping at their heels. This little set of tests done by French firm DxO seems to confirm what many of us understand intuitively: that the pro DSLR is fast closing the image quality gap with medium format digitals. Read More

  • Mamiya's medium format digital: the 28-megapixel DL28

    I feel safe in my conviction that I’ll never be using one of these Mamiya beasts, or its Leica, Leaf, or Hasselblad cousins. They’re just too… big. As medium-format digital photography becomes more capable and affordable, it eats away at the hearts of the last die-hard filmies (which I’m one of at times). After all, when you can hit the shutter and get a 160MB 16-bit… Read More

  • Leica drops monster 37-megapixel S-System pro camera

    That is a lot of megapixels. Leica has been burning up the internet lately, what with its sweet F/0.95 lens, new M8.2 camera, and even a nice-looking projector. But this monster is surely going to generate the most buzz, especially with Nikon and Canon bickering over the megapixel count in their flagship cameras. The new S-System has a 30mmx45mm sensor, which puts it in between 35mm and… Read More

  • Sweet Leaf medium format digital cameras released, cost as much as a Subaru

    I’ve always been somewhat afraid of medium format. When my friend was shooting medium format film, it seemed like such a hassle, but when I saw the shots I could see why people do it. I think it’s probably the same deal for medium format digital. What are you going to do with 56 megapixels and 16-bit color depth? But there’s something about having that amount of data, setting… Read More