• Take This Camera With A Grain Of Salt – Literally

    This microscopic camera is the work of the Fraunhofer Institute and image sensor company Awaiba. It’s essentially a tiny 1mm square substrate with a layer of image sensors and then a lens layer on top of that — giving this camera a total size of 1x1x1mm. Yeah, it’s pretty much the smallest camera ever. Read More

  • New Tech Helps Paralyzed Patients Move Their Limbs

    It appears that folks with catastrophic spinal cord injuries might be able to move their limbs again thanks to a new system that “trains” the nerves to move using a “pocket-sized electric stimulator.” The stimulator is connected to the affected limbs and fired in order to jolt the muscles into action. After eight weeks, patients given the stimulation tended to have… Read More

  • Video: DaVinci Surgical Robot Gets Dolled Up For The Cameras

    Here’s a comforting video of the DaVinci surgical robot goofing around. It’s just a bunch of outtakes taken during a commercial staring the robot, but does anyone else think dressing up the robot with latex hands and head is a bit weird? Video after the break. Read More

  • NEC's Dual-Screen Android Device Gets A Medical App

    The dual-screen Android device NEC showed off at CES wasn’t exactly a crowd-pleaser. Without the latest version of Android, and sporting a rather low five hours of battery life, there wasn’t much to get excited about. But I like the idea of two discrete screens a la the Entourage Edge and the ill-fated Courier. NEC decided it’s an interesting form factor for medical software… Read More

  • Avvo Adds Doctors To Their Professional Ranking Service

    While my own doctor, Shaky McSliceyhands MD, doesn’t appear in their rankings, has added medical rankings to their already popular lawyer ranking service. The rankings, based on user reviews and ratings, are completely ad independent and, while I don’t like trusting the general public to rank the men and women who will either get me out of that murder rap or will take… Read More

  • Would You Care For A Compact Personal Genome Sequencer?

    This is pretty amazing. The device you see there is a home genome sequencer. Like, for sequencing your genome. And it’s about the size of a big microwave. What exactly will you do with it? You will sequence your genome. At home. Read More

  • Telescopic lens implant for your eyeball gets FDA approval

    We’ve seen a fair amount of in-eye machinery. From the Retinal Implant Program and Second Sight to the Eyeborg and that lady who just wants a webcam eye, there’s quite a lot going on in the field. This particular technology is actually much simpler than those electronic solutions, because it addresses a simpler problem. Degeneration of the retina around the macula can make… Read More

  • Bionic cat!

    Cat with prosthetic legs! This poor fellow (Oscar) was in an accident with a combine, losing his legs. An ambitious veterinarian took him to a neuro-orthopedic surgeon, who crafted little peg-legs for Oscar and embedded them directly into the bone. The skin and bone, led by injected cells, have grown right over the cat side of the pegs, sealing against infection, and Oscar can now walk… Read More

  • Blood sugar testing game and accessory coming for the Nintendo DS

    Childhood diabetes sucks, there’s no way around it. Testing is annoying and uncomfortable for adults, much lets kids, and the testing technology isn’t exactly what you’d call fun or interesting. Bayer is trying to make it better though, by creating a fun way to test blood glucose levels using a Nintendo DS. Read More

  • Tactile vest helps patients recover balance

    Researchers at UCLA are working on a new device intended to help patients who have lost their sense of balance. The device will help the patient to recover and learn how to move normally again. Read More

  • Shrimp shells may be used to repair spinal injuries, glass can help rebuild bone

    A report released in the Journal of Experimental Biology today talked about how scientists have discovered a way to use chitosan to repair nerve damage. Keep in mind that chitosan is a material made from the shells of shrimp, and is not that far from the shells of insects. Read More

  • Hey, Doc, looking for an iPad for the ER?

    Barco, makers of high-end medical displays, just launched the CliniScape and ProScribe tablets. The screens are 10.4-inches and 12-inches respectively and are ruggedized and drop resistant. They are also, presumably, blood-proof. The devices run an Intel Core Solo and Windows XP. Read More

  • Doctors learning how to operate using robots

    You probably haven’t heard about the Da Vinci surgical robot, but it’s been out for a little while. I had the chance to see it last year (and even try it out a little bit) and it’s an amazing piece of machinery. It’s also extremely expensive and in high demand, so it’s difficult for doctors to find time to train in it’s use. Read More

  • Dentists to replace drills with plasma jets

    I can’t believe how great this idea sounds. Instead of using the old-school (as in patented in 1887) drill technology to remove cavities, researchers are developing a method of using something called cold plasma to destroy the bacteria. I love the idea because I absolutely hate the sound of that damnable drill. Read More

  • Review: 911 Medical ID Card features USB connection, fits in your wallet

    Short Version: A $40 digital ID card that fits in your wallet and holds all of your emergency medical information on a 1GB flip-out USB stick. Read More

  • Wireless EKG becoming a reality

    Everyone is familiar with the traditional EKG – you lie in the hospital bed, the leads connected to your body, and recording your heart rate and other vital statistics. But what if it was all wireless? What if you didn’t need to be in the hospital stuck in bed to be monitored? Read More

  • VIDEO: Vioguard self-sanitizing keyboard uses UV light to kill germs

    Short of just building a keyboard entirely of Purell, this is probably the next best thing. Priced at $899, you’ll probably never see the Vioguard self-sanitizing keyboard in your own home (unless you’re really a stickler for cleanliness) but it may find a home in various laboratories or other locations where proper disinfection is a top priority. Read More

  • Implant can help sleep apnea patients not frighten their partners

    Sleep apnea sufferers have long had to use the dreaded CPAP mask, but there may soon be an alternative. Medical researchers have discovered that a small implant, attached to the hyperglossal nerve, is capable of ending your sleep apnea and probably saving your marriage. Read More

  • It’s a bed! It’s a wheelchair! It’s a Panasonic!

    What will they think of next? Panasonic has developed a Transformer-like electronic bed that converts to a wheelchair while the person is in it. Read More

  • Forearm massager looks scary, probably works okay

    Believe it or not, many bloggers suffer from some sort of repetitive stress injury or even carpal tunnel syndrome. We’re human — mortal even. Cut us and we bleed red just like everyone else. Give us an atomic wedgie and we weep like an anxious child waiting for the bus on the first day of school in a new town. Run us over in a car and we — you get the idea: bloggers are weiners. Read More

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