Kinect Lets Surgeons Navigate Medical Data In The OR

<img src="" />Once again I am pleasantly surprised with the truly useful and helpful applications being thought up for the <a href="htt

Take This Camera With A Grain Of Salt – Literally

<img src="" />This microscopic camera is the work of the Fraunhofer Institute and image sensor company

New Tech Helps Paralyzed Patients Move Their Limbs

<img src="" />It appears that folks with catastrophic spinal cord injuries might be able to move their limbs again thanks to a new sy

Video: DaVinci Surgical Robot Gets Dolled Up For The Cameras

<img src="" />Here's a comforting video of the <a href="

NEC's Dual-Screen Android Device Gets A Medical App

<img src="" />The dual-screen Android device NEC showed off at CES wasn't exactly a crowd-pleaser. Without the latest versio

Avvo Adds Doctors To Their Professional Ranking Service

<img src="">While my own doctor, Shaky McSliceyhands MD, doesn't appear in their rankings, <a HREF=""></a> has adde

Would You Care For A Compact Personal Genome Sequencer?

<img src="" />This is pretty amazing. The device you see there is a home genome sequencer. Like, for sequencing your genome. And

Telescopic lens implant for your eyeball gets FDA approval

<img src="" />We've seen a fair amount of in-eye machinery. From the <a href="

Bionic cat!

Cat with prosthetic legs! This poor fellow (Oscar) was in an accident with a combine, losing his legs. An ambitious veterinarian took him to a neuro-orthopedic surgeon, who crafted little peg-legs for

Blood sugar testing game and accessory coming for the Nintendo DS

<img src="" />Childhood diabetes sucks, there's no way around it. Testing is annoying and uncomfortable for adults, much lets kid

Tactile vest helps patients recover balance

<img src="" />Researchers at UCLA are working on a new device intended to help patients who have lost their sense of balance.

Shrimp shells may be used to repair spinal injuries, glass can help rebuild bone

<img src="" />A report released in the Journal of Experimental Biology today talked about how scientists have discovered a

Hey, Doc, looking for an iPad for the ER?

Barco, makers of high-end medical displays, just launched the CliniScape and ProScribe tablets. The screens are 10.4-inches and 12-inches respectively and are ruggedized and drop resistant. They are a

Doctors learning how to operate using robots

<img src="" />You probably haven't heard about the Da Vinci surgical <a href="">robot</a>, but it's bee

Dentists to replace drills with plasma jets

<img src="" />I can't believe how great this idea sounds. Instead of using the old-school (as in patented in 1887) drill

Review: 911 Medical ID Card features USB connection, fits in your wallet

Short Version: A $40 digital ID card that fits in your wallet and holds all of your emergency medical information on a 1GB flip-out USB stick.

Wireless EKG becoming a reality

<img src="" />Everyone is familiar with the traditional EKG - you lie in the hospital bed, the leads connected to your body, and recordi

VIDEO: Vioguard self-sanitizing keyboard uses UV light to kill germs

<img src="">Short of just building a keyboard entirely of Purell, this is probably the next best thing. Priced at $899, you’ll probably never see the Vi

Implant can help sleep apnea patients not frighten their partners

<img src="" />Sleep apnea sufferers have long had to use the dreaded CPAP mask, but there may soon be an alternative.

It’s a bed! It’s a wheelchair! It’s a Panasonic!

<img src="">What will they think of next? Panasonic has developed a Transformer-like electronic bed that converts to a wheelchair
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